NVR Miss Litter Box Giveaway: Best Cat Litter Box Ever!

We’re excited to share some great news. After trying every type of litter box possible, we’ve found the Holy Grail of litter boxes and you can win one!

Merlin kindly consented being photographed in the name of cat behavior science. This is what pooping in heaven looks like. Note the sweep of tail, expanse of space, the fresh air surrounding an arched back. If a cat could, it would choose this ideal scenario but most can’t. It’s up to us to find the most comfortable cat litter box. As a holistic cat behaviorist, I think like a cat. This photo illustrates why most cats hate a covered litter box and why they need a roomy box with higher sides.


The lovely Canadians from NVR Miss sent us (we’ve never been more proud to be Canadian!) a NVR Miss litter box. What do we love about it? Everything.

For comparison purposes, we placed a NVR Miss next to two others. Note the high walls for privacy which prevent mess from litter kickers. If you have a cat who prefers to pee vertically, this design is magic. The entrance is low enough for even old boys like Merlin to navigate. The flat floor with radiused corners are easy to clean. The sturdy plastic in a pearlized taupe color is neutral for most decors.

NVR miss litter box-giveaway-best-cat-litter box

When our big boy Domino arrived we improvised a jumbo litter out of a storage container for him, but this is much more attractive and practical. If you’d like the chance to win a NVR Miss, simply leave a comment at this post anytime before 11:59 EST May 15, 2012 with a VALID email address and like our Cat Wisdom 101 Facebook page. For extra chances to win, subscribe to Cat Wisdom 101 via email. Good luck!

The winner will be chosen next Wednesday. This giveaway is open to all residents of both the U.S. and Canada!

For more details about NVR Miss litter boxes, visit their website

If it’s Wednesday, you know what that means: Giveaways! The winner of last week’s fabulous Kitty Cradle hammock giveaway is Sue Brandes. Congratulations, Sue! Look for an email from Layla.



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234 Comments on “NVR Miss Litter Box Giveaway: Best Cat Litter Box Ever!
  1. I have lots of kitty cats. Moved up here to northern , NV. from Las Vegas ….. with only 4.
    Since being here almost 8 yrs , I have many more. A feral mamma cat , that I have tried so desperately to catch , just keeps having babies.
    My husband found 5 kittens in our garage 2 yrs ago.
    They are now adults living in our house. ALL spayed and/or neutered.
    They are a handful. But I love kitty cats.
    My husband passed suddenly this past March in a car wreck. :*(
    It’s been a very big adjustment for me & all my kitty cats.
    This past May , I found 6 baby kittens underneath my house.
    They are now living inside with me & the clan.
    They have an appointment to be neutered & spayed on the 31st of this month.
    I also feed the strays outside , I feel so bad for them being out in the freezing cold.
    Since I don’t have a car , I collected boxes and blankets , put them and food in the garage for any stray that needs it.
    Right now I have a stray in my bathroom , she/he ( won’t let me close enough to check ) needs to see a vet this Thursday.
    Thank Goodness I get some help from the Animal House in Elko. They pay for the vet visits , and when they can , they bring me cat litter & cat food.
    I have 3 cat boxes right now , and could really , really use another one.

    Sorry for the long letter..lol I get to talking about cats & can’t stop. I have loved them since I was a baby.

    Thanks for listening
    Have a great day

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! This is exactly what my cats need. They could also use a ramp that has low sides and some grip so they can climb into and out of the litterbox.

  3. I have three cats … one of them I have gone through a year of hell trying to litter train. I have never ever had that problem with a cat before in my life — and I am a DIEHARD CAT LOVER !! I’ve gone through I don’t know how many different forms of litter without success !! I would DEARLY love to win this and give this litter box a try …. I am almost ready to give up on her.

  4. I love staying up to date with you on your site and on Facebook! Thanks for the chance at such an awesome giveaway~ Looks like a kangaroo kitty in the pic…a mad one! Thank you!

  5. The NVR Miss litter box looks great! My cats would love it, I have three cats and only one plain little litter box =:( Please enter me in the giveaway.Thank you!

  6. Both of my cats are big boys and I’ve had a hard time finding the perfect litter box for them. Last one was a storage container that is about 8 inches tall. Works so far but it isn’t pretty!

  7. I have a very big boy who fits just fine into the oversized litter box he has…but he has some trouble stepping over the highish entry. This one looks like the entry would be lower, making things easier for him. :)

  8. This looks great – I’d love to see if my 2-year old cat, Remy, would use it. Lately she’s been refusing to use her covered litterbox and is using the bathroom sink instead, which is pretty gross!

  9. My little ‘princess’ would love it! She absolutely hates covered litter boxes. High-sided boxes are great as she kicks AND stands AND really flings litter when she covers. She also likes it to be in the middle of the room… Odd little creature, but I love her!

  10. But will it fit my Maime Coon? He’s been using a huge storage tote with a hole in the side. I wish your picture showed a cat in the box so we have simething to guage the size.

  11. I have three cats…one is a former feral and she LOVES to kick her litter around! I have fallen in love with the NVR Miss litter box (don’t tell my husband!) My cats would love to give it a try!

  12. I’d love to win this box for my all my cats, especially Gremlin, who sometimes goes right outside the box. It would be perfect!

  13. I have eight of my own, 4 life car foster cats and various other foster cats always coming in and out. Out of the 12 that consistently live in my home, I have 8 boys. Most of them are kickers and high sprayers. This box would be great for us!
    Thank you for your consideration. I will spread the word through the rest of the rescue group about these boxes.
    Thank you!

  14. Pick me, pick me, pick me! LOL Love the look of this box. Right now I use several plastic storage containers, like those used for holiday decorations, just the smaller size.

  15. I know my Two new Bengal Rescues would love this box. They hated the covered one and Motec even guarded it refusing to let Mink use the covered one. I’ve had to take the cover off for the time being and put it in the tub.

  16. I have 7 full time cats in my home, 1 forever foster and multiple other cats and kitten fosters through out the summer. I am always looking for the perfect litter box for all the cats, there never seems to be one that they all like.

  17. I have 7 full time cats in my home, 1 forever foster and multiple other cats and kitten fosters through out the summer. I am always looking for the perfect litter box for all the cats, there never seems to be one that they all like.

  18. Congrats Sue!
    Wow lots of folks joining in the fun now. This looks like one way cool kind of potty. We would luv to have one of these babies. Much luv and purrs Skeeter and Izzy >^cc^< our cool cat eyes lol

  19. OMG! I have been searching for a decent litter box for three years! I’ve been through 12 boxes and nothing seems to work for our Mr. Miagi aka “Big Man”. We adopted him from the MSPCA three years ago and he was at 31 pounds. We have him down to 24 but he’s still too large to fit in a box comfortably and without messes. Please, please, please!

  20. I have 8 indoor kitty cats that would love to try one of these out.
    I have been looking for the perfect cat box for my fur kids , and haven’t found one as of yet.

    Thank You

  21. Thank you for this post and giveaway! The whole litter and litter box thing is a huge pet peeve with me. So many cats like to stand on the edge of a box to go. Also, for some reason the covered boxes do not help those with ‘out of sight, out of mind’ syndrome. Cats like to be clean! SCOOP your boxes. One BIG box per cat, at least. Dirty litter boxes? Imagine your only choice being stepping barefoot into a poop and pee filled litter box! Okay, I’m done — for now :-)

  22. This would be awesome. I have 3 older girls so the low step in would be lovely. I have one who pees vertically and all 3 are happy litter flingers. I may need 1 or 4 of these, off to check out the site.

  23. This litter box would be perfect for my big boy (18#) Benny Bump. He is known for getting all four legs in the litter box, but his butt often hangs over the edge. Think this would solve my problem of urine on the floor! Thanks for a chance to win!

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