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Layla Morgan Wilde-Merlin
Layla and Merlin, her muse for over 20 years.



We love to educate and entertain our highly engaged audience with the latest news, information and products for cats and their guardians. Layla Morgan Wilde, cat expert and founder of Cat Wisdom 101 is the only holistic cat behaviorist who conducts cat product reviews and giveaways. She is a passionate advocate of enhancing the human-feline bond and the adoption of senior or special needs cats.


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  Layla Morgan Wilde is the official cat behaviorist for Tara The Hero Cat and consults with numerous celebrity cats. The blog content is all original with most of the writing, editing, graphics and photography by Layla.  The feline blog content team her four cats: Domino, an outdoor feral who after seven years of living on the porch, decided to come in from the cold and is now a formerly feral lap cat. One-eyed Odin arrived in October 2010 from a local shelter and became instant best friends with Merlin, our 21 year-old Siamese and boss of all of us.  Nou Nou a one-eyed hoarder rescue is now a diva. The cats blog every Monday, often review cat books and act as official cat product testers and models for reviews.

At Cat Wisdom 101, we love to have fun but are serious about cat wellness and education. We subscribe in the British philosophy of allowing cats to be their cat selves as naturally as possible. We are advocates of spay/neuter/microchip, enriched indoor environments and safe outdoor options when possible i.e. leash trained walks, catios or fenced in gardens. All our cats enjoy the outdoors in our extensive private gardens but are strictly supervised. The team shares an antique farmhouse and wild English gardens with her filmmaker husband in Westchester County, New York.

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