Feline Lovers’ To Find Happy New Horizons

Our one-eyed Odin isn’t going swimming but hey, feline lovers, Cat Wisdom 101 is sailing towards a new direction. It’s the biggest, scariest thing I’ve ever attempted but that’s why I feel the need to stretch out of my comfort zone.  Over the next few weeks there will be more clues until the big reveal, […]

cat-merlin-autumn leaves

See You in September, Cat Lovers

    Blink and it’s over. Maybe not summer but August is hanging by a cat’s whisker. There’s a melancholy mood under the heat wave and as a cat who has seen 20 summers, I’d like to share my annual end of summer song, “See You in September”. It sets a nostalgic tone for us […]


Caturday Cat Pop Culture Goes Frothy

Happy Caturday cat lover friends! Cat pop culture goes frothy today. If you like to start your day with a coffee, these catty coffee creations will wake you up with wow! A friend in Australia told me it’s all the rage to compete in more and more sophisticated latte artistry. The hyper-realistic designs showed up […]

ASPCA emergency stickers

ASPCA Disaster Preparedness Pets Infographic & Giveaway

September is Disaster Preparedness Month and we’re happy to share a powerful infographic from the ASPCA. Don’t wait for a flood or hurricane, emergencies can and do happen when we least expect it. Just yesterday, I heard a loud crack and went to the window. There was no wind or storm so it shocked me to […]

Merlin cat -walking quote perspective

Mondays With Merlin: Walk With Compassion Not Pity

Happy Monday, dear ones. I’m here today to talk about walking with compassion and not pity. I bet you’ve never seen me, Merlin from this perspective. It serves to illustrate the old “walk a mile in your shoes” quote (not that cats need or want shoes). This cat’s eye view also helps you giant humans […]

preventative cat wellness visits

Take Your Cat To The Vet Day: With More Purrs Less Hiss

August 22nd is Take Your Cat To The Vet Day and before we go any further, please note: there is no Take Your Dog To the Vet Day. Why do cats get the unwelcome holiday? Sadly, it’s because cats get taken to the vet about half as often as dogs and only when a cat very […]

New Rochelle Humane Society cats

Shelter Cat Late Bloomers

Despite a steady adoption rate, some shelter cats linger. I’ve been hoping Kelly a cat I featured last December might have been adopted but no, his card was still up. Ditto, Buddha the humongous tabby featured in February. Buddha has lost weight so that’s progress and both are out of cages but still it’s daunting. There are […]

Internet Cat Video Festival 2015

#CatVidFest Scoop by a Local Super Fan

We have a special guest post by a four time attendee’s view of the Walker Art Center’s #CatVidFest 2015 by Dee Koski, Staff person to three lovely felines in the Twin Cities of MN including Spaghetti-Bob, Therapy Cat. What does one expect after 4 years of attending a event, especially when it moves from site to […]