Leo cat astrology

Feline Astrology: Understanding The Leo Cat

Astrology can help determine feline personality.
merlin- garden-vet exam at home

How To Exam Your Cat In Between Vet Visits

Most cats see their vet once or twice a year leaving ample opportunity for symptoms to develop. We’re re-posting part of a post from...
Kitten season-orange ginger  adoption

Kittens, Kittens, Kittens! & When Bonded Cats Split Up

We’re taking a break from our usual Wednesday adoption spotlight on adult cats to focus on kittens. Last week at the shelter they mewed...
Petties 2014-best designed blog

Mondays With Merlin — Cat Talk Video

Happy Monday cat lovers. Layla wakes up every day in awe that I’m still alive. Yes, it’s true every day I creep closer to...
I knead my Mommy review giveaway

I Knead My Mommy And Other Poems By Kittens — Review & Giveaway

New York Times bestselling author of I Could Pee On This Francesco Marciuliano’s new book of poetry by kittens is squee-worthy. But wait! The...

La, Laa, Laaa, it’s #Catsummer

It’s Caturday and we have something to sing about. Cats sing in their own voices. Some loud, some proud, some high-pitched enough to break...
Awkward happy cats

Cats at the Corner of Awkward and Happy

Are you happy it’s Friday? The millions of cat photos and videos online are a testament to how cats make us happy. Awkward, funny,...
NRHS-cats adoption

Vet 101: Are you Secretly Prejudiced? How To Choose The Right Cat

They say cats choose us but if that was entirely true there would be very few homeless cats. There are millions of cats clamoring...
New Rochelle Humane Society

Shelter Volunteer Bites & Meet The Feline Odd Couple

It’s raining kittens at the shelter and lots are being adopted but many, many more homes are needed. They are too adorable. Check out...