Holiday gift guide cat lovers

Cat Wisdom 101 Gift Guide for Cat Lovers

We test products for cats and cat lovers all year round. Many don’t make our review list let alone our annual gift guide for cat lovers. We’re delighted to share our 2015 gift guide which is NOT sponsored. These are our personal favorites for reasons outlined. You can be certain to find something for any budget. Read More

Peace Love & Purrs #brusselslockdown

Mondays With Merlin: A-Z Gratitude. B is #Brusselslockdown

It’s not just another week but a holiday week with Thanksgiving and the kick off to the Holiday Season. Oh My Whiskers! Is the most wonderful time of the year feeling anything but? With so much sadness in the news about terrorism, leave it to us cats to diffuse the tension with some humor. The Read More

6 purrfect gift cat books

Six Very Different Cat Books Purrfect For Holiday Gifts

Cat book NEWS: Six Very Different Cat Books Purrfect For Holiday Gifts. We received far more cat books this year than we had time to review. Selecting our annual top ten list is especially challenging this year, as the top 101 are all finalists for the Cat Wisdom 101 Golden Purr awards. Finalists are announced in Read More

Cats VS Cucumber Facts infographic

Caturday Cats VS Cucumbers Infographic

Last summer a Japanese video about a cat leaping in fear from seeing a cucumber went viral and last week a second wave of Cat Vs Cucumber videos went viral again. There was speculation about cats being startled by cucumbers because they resemble snakes but it doesn’t explain the behavior. In all the videos the Read More

registration #betterwithpets

#BetterWithPets: Making A Cat’s House A Home

  We’ve all heard quotes about cats making a house a home. There is no question cats add a certain domestic coziness for humans but what about the cats? Learning how we can improve a cat’s environment was one of the topics that grabbed me at the recent Purina summit #BetterWithPets in Brooklyn NY. See our post Read More

Holiday gift guide cat lovers

Mondays With Merlin: Cats 4 Peace in Paris

  Happy Monday and it’s usually happier with me, Merlin to start your week off on the right paw. Some weeks are tougher to rally the troops with good cheer like the past week. What stress and sadness, what with me flirting with the grim reaper, Layla with dental and other issues and then the Read More

Grumpy Cat No it all book-holidays

You Need More Sleep and Grumpy Cat Giveaway From Chronicle Books

We’re making our list and checking it twice. No, not Santa’s list but our annual Top 10 Cat Books.  We have such a back log of books, it’s to scramble to catch up with potential entries, so we’ll be sharing a number of books over the next 10 days.  And we’re having a of a Read More

Holiday gift guide cat lovers

Super Sweet and Sad Caturday Gratitude

This Caturday is a mix of sweet and sad, funny and gratitude with videos and our “pay it forward” gift, a shareable #CatThanks graphic. A U.K. pub where you can enjoy a pint with kitty companions has garnered much press this week. Pub cats or mascots are a common in the U.K. but not by Read More