Cat Film Fest at Sea

(Click the Home Tab, to view our recent posts.) Cat Wisdom 101 Launches Cat Film Fest At Sea™ Cruise

For the latest news or prices, visit the Fest tab in our header. Welcome to the launch of my passion project: Cat Film Fest at Sea™. You’re invited to be a part of cat culture history. Over two years ago, I got the idea for creating a unique experience for cat lovers where we can Read More


Cat Behavior 101: Why Cats Do The Social Roll

Cat Behavior 101: Why Cats Do The Social Roll. We’ve all seen it. Cats walking nearby and suddenly flopping over on their back with a wriggle called the social roll, but why do they do it? Like all cat postures, there are subtle variations of meaning but whether it’s a human or animal watching them, it’s Read More


Cat Who is a Dog in Year of the Monkey Seeks Valentine

  Cat Who is a Dog in the Year of the Monkey Seeks Valentine. Huh? It’s like this. I’m a cat but in Chinese Astrology I’m a dog because of the year I was born (1994). Yeah, I’m that old. To add insult to injury, of the 12 animals in the zodiac there is no Read More


Cats, Chinese New Year, Feng Shui and Super Bowl 2016

There’s much to celebrate today. It’s the Chinese Lunar New Year. In the U.S. we have Super Bowl mania. While grocery shopping yesterday, you’d think we were stocking up for a famine. Customers bought snacks by the truckload, treats for humans and pets (we’re down with the treats part) for eating, drinking and watching the Read More


Black Cat Lives Matter

February is Black History Month and #blacklivesmatter awareness continues because it matters. Prejudice of any kind matters and that includes black cats. Prejudice can stem from ignorance, fear but propagated from ingrained cultural beliefs. It’s why reviewing and reflecting on global history is valuable or we may be doomed to repeat it locally. Whether it’s Read More

safe cat housekeeping

Mondays With Merlin The Cat: Marie Kondo Declutter Tips

Happy Monday! It’s Merlin, showing you my Monday face. Not quite a wrinkled nose, meh face but close. I’m happy we’re only six weeks away from spring but there is so much going on at my house with all the extra cat care, running to the vet, human doctors, dealing with my ancient granny, working Read More


Nine Lives Film Teaser: Kevin Spacey Plays A Cat

You know cats have achieved serious cred when Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey decides to star in a major feature film, a comedy, as cat-hating billionaire who finds himself trapped inside the body of a cat named Mr. FuzzyPants. Call it poetic justice or sweet revenge but Spacey, as Tom Brand,  a workaholic who neglects his wife Lara Read More


How To Instantly Recognize Plants Toxic To Pets

Lists of plants toxic to pets are helpful but seeing a photo-based infographic, makes it much easier to instantly recognize the dangerous ones. We’re happy to share this huge, infographic, created from a list of toxic plants from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine’s most common causes of emergency calls and Texas A&M’s common poisonous Read More

Odin snow garden

Mancat Monday With Snow Cat Odin

Merlin and Nou Nou are sitting on the sidelines this week and not interested in Mancat Monday Adventures with Snow Cat Odin.  They’re okay but prefer to hang out in a cozy, warm spot instead of going outside in the snow, like ME, SNOW CAT ODIN! And yes, there really is a website for cats Read More