You Are An Inspiration Award

When Cat Wisdom 101 launched almost four months ago, I couldn’t imagine how many amazing fans, friends and fellow cats bloggers have cheered us on.

you are an inspiration awardOne such blogger is Brian from Brian’s Home who gave us this award, and who in turn received one from Hilary from I love everyone on Brian’s list and I’m all for sharing the love, so I’d like to pass this on to any cat blogger who launched a new blog in the past few months like and Mousebreath If you’re a new blogger, please let me know and say, hi.

8 thoughts on “You Are An Inspiration Award”

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  2. Concatulations on your award, you certainly earned it! Your site is so thoughtful and informative we not only enjoy it, but think about things that we might have overlooked otherwise. And then there are your beautiful cats… Thank you so much for our award, we are so purry excited. It is our first, and will always be special! The mom will have to figure how to post it for us. Thanks again and again! You made our day!!

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