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Furminator-national hairball awareness day-2014

For the last couple years we’ve seen bloggers rave about Furminator. Our cats enjoy a daily brushing and I figured excess cat hair was not a problem. They rarely have hairballs but after seeing mountains of cat hair lifted off other cats I was curious to try the Furminator. We received a large sized one for Domino and it worked like a charm. He has a thick double coat and after a long, cold winter he’s shedding his way into spring. I expected good results from the deShedding tool but wait, here’s the shocker. I always assumed my almost twenty-year-old Siamese cat Merlin didn’t shed much. The breed is noted for minimal shedding. I almost didn’t bother trying the Furminator on Merlin but we love trying new things.



Furminator has four deShedding tools available for small, large, short or long-haired cats. They are designed to reduce shedding up to 90%! The small size would have been preferable on our tiny, bony old boy so I gently placed him on his favorite window cushion where he’s comfortable and the light is good. The Furminator stainless steel edge removes only excess hair but it’s sharp. I would suggest checking for any sensitive areas before using. I carefully stroked Merlin’s fur from the head downward’s as if using a brush, avoiding bony areas like the spine. The ergonomic handle felt comfortable and secure as I made slow, long sweeps and to my surprise, excess fur! More fur than I’d ever removed off him. He didn’t need more than a minute of brushing and the handy Furejector button released the excess hair with a quick push. It didn’t take more than than a minute for me to become a Furminator fan.

Find out which Furminator pet hair solution is best for your pet at Furminator Yes, they have ones for dogs too!

National Hairball Awareness Day is April 25. Did you know 50-80% of cats produce hairballs about as once a month?

What are Hairballs?

Cats are fastidious groomers and up two thirds of what they lick is ingested. The ingested hair can accumulate and irritate your cat’s throat or stomach, and the only relief is to regurgitate the “hairball” of hair and mucous. Grooming our cats regularly is the best way to avoid hairballs.

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