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Homer the Blind Cat in Memoriam

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Homer the blind cat RIP

Mondays with Merlin pauses today to honor a beloved cat. Homer the blind cat died last week at age sixteen. He was a soulmate and muse to his mom, writer Gwen Cooper, a fearless advocate for special needs cats and an inspiration to millions of cat lovers. Rest in peace my friend. We’ll meet you on the Rainbow Bridge.

Peace, love and purrs,

Merlin the blind cat, Odin the one-eyed cat, Gris Gris,Domino and our mom, Layla

Homer’s Heroes Fund

Gwen donates 10% of her royalties from Homer’s Odyssey to organizations that serve abused, abandoned, and disabled animals. To keep Homer’s memory alive—and to give chances to other animals like Homer, who are so frequently overlooked simply because they aren’t “perfect”—she is creating the Homer’s Heroes Fund. Every year, she will make a donation in Homer’s name to a shelter or rescue group that does outstanding work with “special needs” animals. Her newest book, Love Saves the Day, will come out in paperback on October 22nd. For every copy of the paperback that is pre-ordered or bought in-store or online between now and Sunday, October 27th, she will donate 100% of the royalties to a shelter/rescue group through the Homer’s Heroes Fund.

Please send Gwen and her husband Laurence purrrrrs at this difficult time. They are also moving on September first and Gwen’s mom is having health issues. For the latest updates, visit Gwen’s blog at Gwen Cooper


  • Iomoio

    Great post, I conceive people should learn a lot from this website its very user genial. So much wonderful information on here :D.

  • Oui Oui

    We were so sorry to read about Homer’s passing. He was truly an inspiration. He will be missed by so many. Purrs and condolences to all his fans and loved ones. Thanks for posting a link as well.

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    It is with great saddness in our hearts that we say goodbye to yet another friend and fearless leader to all of us furkids. Homer is with Abby there is no doubt! All of the furkids are free and well over the bridge and one day we will see them all once more of this we have NO doubt…..
    Luvs and Purrs to all who have loved and lost.
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang >^..^<

  • Sharon Hamilton

    Love the Beautiful picture of Homer. Our three legged Topper kitty sends his love to you in your time of sadness. RIP Sweet Homer. You’ll be forever in all our hearts.

  • jansfunnyfarm

    This was a sad weekend. Among other things, it was sad to read about Homer yesterday morning. We didn’t realize he was 16. He sure had a good long life with Gwen. Losing a pet is so painful.

  • Deb Stephan

    I am SO SORRY for your loss!!! GOD BLESS you for saving that beautiful soul and THANK YOU for sharing him with us!!!! Run free Homer!!!! ♥♥♥

  • Julie Engler

    This is so absolutely beautiful, I already shared it on my FB page. What a perfect tribute to a little blind black cat that won the hearts of thousands all around the globe. I lost my brother-in-law in Germany on Saturday, then found out about Homer on Sunday. I have been crying ever since, and to tell you the truth, I don’t know which of the two I have shed more tears for… Homer meant so much to so many, he will live on in our hearts, minds and souls forever. I hope Gwen can feel the circle of love and caring , stretching all over the globe, that shares her grief and is keeping her in a warm embrace . Years from now, the tears may have dried out, but Homer will still be read about, and loved, and people will talk about him and smile, and cry, and be inspired by the fact that he could see more with his heart than with his eyes.

  • Gwen Cooper

    Thank you, Layla, for this lovely tribute. I’ve been overwhelmed by the tremendous outpouring of love and grief for my little boy.

    I also wanted to let you and your readers know that the first beneficiary of the “Homer’s Heroes Fund” will be Blind Cat Rescue in N. Carolina. They do such wonderful work on behalf of cats like Homer.

    My heart is too full for eloquence right now, but thank you again for this.

  • Angel Abby

    What a lovely memoriam to have posted for Homer. We heard this news yesterday and were so sadden by the loss. We went over and read what Gwen had written and found it could have and some of it did come out of our own writings about love and loss. Homer was a icon to many, but for Gwen he was hers. She need not worry about how to describe her feelings because those of us, which describe most of us, have had a heart & soul kitty, and losing them is by far one of the hardest things we will ever face.I know Abby was one of the first to greet Homer and I think they might just get along at the Bridge until Gwen and myself find ourselves in that lovely meadow by that beautiful stream crossing that Bridge to the triumphant reunion with our furry hearts.

  • Viki Worden

    I saw the news on a post on facebook. That is sad. It is never easy losing a beloved furry kid. I have had and lost many over the years. My thoughts and prayers are with Gwen.

  • Sometimes, Cats Herd You

    We were so sad to read about this yesterday. Our head peep has had this book since its first printing, and is still trying to pull together the words. We’re purring for Homer’s family, because we know they’re absolutely devastated, especially Gwen.

  • Everycat

    Thank you for alerting us to the passing of Homer. He was an amazing cat and through his Mum, a marvellous advocate for cats with special needs everywhere. He achieved so much for so many.

    We will read his book again to remind us of his incredible story

    Gerry & Mungo

  • Cynthia Southern

    I am so sorry to hear this. Gwen and her books have meant a lot to me. Homer was one special and funny cat. I truly loved reading ‘Homer’s Odyssey.’ Thanks for letting us know this Layla.

  • Andrea

    I’m so sad to hear this. That book was a great story of dedication and love. I can still picture Gwen’s desperate attempts to get to Homer after 9/11 and always knew I would have done the same.

  • Katie and Glogirly

    We were so very sad to read about Homer. He and Gwen have made such a difference int he lives of so many homeless and special needs cats.

    One of our favorite quotes came from Gwen: “Remember, love isn’t something you see with your eyes.”

    Our hearts go out to Gwen and her family.

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