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Skinny-dipping Cats, Fashion Meowdels At Matilda The Algonquin Hotel Cat’s Bash

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We’re back from a short blog break to bring you a pic-filled Caturday and Blog hop from skinny-dipping cats to our vintage cat caption contest and other Caturday fun,

including fashion meowdels and video of what happened at Matilda the Algonquin Hotel cat’s birthday bash on August 10. The 10th anniversary of the annual cat fashion show fundraiser was paws down our favorite cat-related summer event. If you’re a cat lover visiting the NYC area in August, it’s a must.

Matilda_ Algonquin_Hotel_cat

The event benefited the Mayor’s Alliance For NYC’s Animals, a coalition of 150 shelters and rescue groups. Their mobile adoption unit was parked outside with adorable adoptables.

mayor's alliance

The fashion show theme highlighted famous guests who have stayed at the historic Algonquin Hotel. An assortment of meowdels wore costumes designed by cat couturier Ada Nieves. See more cat pics on our Facebook and Instagram pages including the magnificent Zeus as Hamlet. The cats are either show cats or professionals used to people and media attention. Cats being cats can’t be forced to perform. Ada makes sure the costumes fit and are safe, but naturally some cats get bored or antsy.

Thunderfolds Arian, a Scottish Fold popular on Instagram @foldscat wore an outfit inspired by the caricatures of the legendary Al Hirschfeld

Second row: dapper Cody Frewart as Broadway and cabaret performer Michael Fienstein. Let’s go Yankees! Joe DiMeowggio aka Aodhan snoozed through a blitzkrieg of cameras. The real Joe DiMaggio while married to Marilyn Monroe often stayed at the Algonquin.

Third row: The feline Marilyn Monroe snoozed wig askew as if she’d downed one too many martinis. Aine, a Supreme Grand Champion show cat quickly got back in form and posed like pro. The only instantly recognizable character was Prince Snowflakes Fisher as Harpo Marx. Back in the days of the famous Algonquin Round Table, Harpo shared cocktails and trademark humor with the queen of wit, Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley and other writers. Click on the above link to see the location and bar where the meowdels posed on the “catwalk”.

Cat fashion show_meowdels

Glory Daze, a toyger posed as Dorothy Parker but the cat was far sweeter than the acerbic-tongued Parker. The theater critic turned journalist at The New Yorker, Vogue, Vanity Fair and Life Magazine coined many aphorisms including: scaredy-cat, wisecrack, the expletive, “shoot!”, ball of fire, one night stand and endless, witty quotes like: what fresh hell is this?

Dorothy Parker_Cat_Algonquin Hotel

In parts of the hotel like the lobby and the old marble staircase on the second floor, you can catch a whiff of the energy of the ’20s Jazz Age. It may be why the Matilda party always rocks no matter what your age.

Party-goers, some in cat ears or kitty inspired fashion enjoyed the festivities and raffle. Sandy Robins (bottom center) celebrated her 10th year as MC of the event.

Algonquin Hotel Cat Party

The belle of the ball is always Matilda and I was thrilled to see her.

She does not always make an appearance. Like a true Diva, she is doted on by staff and guests. The hotel’s executive assistant and Matilda’s devoted caretaker, Alice de Almeida is her social media manager and the event’s coordinator.

When Matilda is in the mood, her prime meet and greet area is the counter of the check-in desk. I often stop by when I’m in the area but haven’t seen her in a while. She clearly let me know with a nip that she’d had enough of the pawparazzi.

If you visit, I suggest respecting her wishes or she may bite or nip. Her previous owner had her front paws declawed and nipping is a defensive behavior. I was more worried about her sitting next to a vase of lilies. Lilies, tulips and all bulb-type flowers are toxic to cats. Even a nibble could be deadly.

Click on the link to read the award-winning article by veterinarian Dr. Letrisa Miller about cats and toxic lilies.


Our latest vintage cat caption contest winner is Skeeter and Izzy.

It’s not obvious but a couple of our clever readers noticed all the cats are wearing clothes except one.

We’re in the soupiest heatwave in memory with a weather advisory in the NYC area. We’re more than ready to jump in the lake. Do you have any skinny dipping cats?

skinny-dipping cats

Try your hand writing caption for our new vintage funnies right meow! Channel your inner Dorothy Parker. Leave your thoughts on what the kitten is saying.


We’re tweaking the look of our new website and working like mad on our Black cats Tell All book. Final submissions are closed. Watch for more news next week. Happy Caturday!


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