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Before and After

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

The winner of this week’s “photo-editing fun” contest is Marg from Marg’s Animals from South Carolina. She is well known in the cat blogging universe for her dedication to all animals but especially cats. She is a tireless blog commenter and everyone loves Marg.

Long before I began Cat Wisdom 101, Marg would always leave kind and thoughtful comments at my Cat Saturday blog and The Boomer Muse. Marg is on of the most positive bloggers I’ve known, despite the many challenges taking care of rescued special needs animals. I invite you visit her unique corner of the world and her many pets at Marg’s Pets

Cat bloggers take feline healthcare, nutrition and other issues seriously, but we also like to have silly fun. September 19th is Meow Like a Pirate Day.

“Before” This is Marg’s cat Khaki enjoying some ‘nip.


And “After” getting ready to talk like a pirate.

Khaki-cat-pirate's day

Marg’s recently rescued an adorable kitten named Mahoney.

Mahoney “Before”.


Mahoney all gussied up “After”


If you’d like to to win a photo edit makeover for Pirate’s Day. Let me know with a comment. Subscribers only please.




  • Oui Oui

    We recently started blogging and Marg is one of our favorites! She was one of the first to comment and welcome us! She doesn’t hesitate to help an animal in need – look at little Mahoney & her mom. By example, she shows people what is important in life.

    We tried subscribing (and looked to sign up to follow, but didn’t see it). We would love a make over. Mom never learned how – she was too busy petting us!

    I’m sorry if there’s a duplicate comment, I didn’t see this go through!

  • Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey

    I always enjoy meeeting, and learning about cat bloggers that are new to me. It sounds like Marg is a warm, compassionate, and devoted cat lover who is right up my alley! I am looking forward to checking out her blog and becoming friends with her. Wonderful photos Layla! What fun!

  • Lucy the Cat

    I’ve always known, since first seeing Marg’s blog, what a wonderful person she is to animals. I’m seeing even more of what a generous, kind person she is. These picture makeovers are so cute! If you have time (I think you’ll get a lot of requests), I would love to have a pirate makeover of Simba!

  • Marg

    Wow, That sure makes us feel good to hear all those nice things about our Mom. And thanks so much for doing the makeover. Khaki makes a great pirate. That is a big help since Mom is so technically challenged with pictures. Look at how bright Mahoney’s eyes go in the makeover. Those are just terrific and you are so right, Layla, that sure brought a smile to Mom’s face. Great stuff. Thanks so much. We like coming to visit your blogs. Take care.

  • Ingrid King

    Marg was one of the first to regularly comment on my blog when I started blogging. She’s got one of the biggest hearts I know. Love the gussied up photos. Amazing what Photoshop in the hands of a skilled artist can do!

  • CATachresis

    I’ve just discovered Marg and she is indeed very kind 🙂 I fell in love with little Mahoney.

    I’ve ventured into the hitherto terrifying world of photo editing myself. I’ve a lot to learn lol

  • MoMo

    Marg is a lovely purrson. We have been visiting each other on and off for a little while now.

    My SS is not a very computer-savvy or artistic person. I would love to have a photo edit makeover.

  • Mr Puddy

    Me and Mom love Marg !!! For us, she have done so many thing for kitties, Not just the feral but all kitties in need. What you did for her , That’s pawsome !!!! I think she will love it : )

    My mom already done some thing for me for the pirate day, so you can skip us : )

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