Big Cat Wisdom Gifts From Small Packages

Layla Morgan Wilde/ November 24, 2017/ Cat Behavior 101, Cats, Contests & Giveaways, Feline Fine Art, Feline Funnies, Holidays, Reviews & interviews/ 12 comments

Cat Wisdom 101 Holiday Gift Guide Big Cat Wisdom Gifts From Small Packages. Not your usual gift guide. We’re excited to share a 32-page magazine chock full of tips for navigating the holiday season madness, cat care tips, festive photo quotes, vintage cat art and actual things we love for cats or cat lovers to buy. If you prefer to scroll

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Purrs Of Gratitude From Cat Wisdom 101

Layla Morgan Wilde/ November 23, 2017/ Cats, Feline Fine Art, Holidays/ 39 comments

Purrs Of Gratitude From Cat Wisdom 101 To You. This is our shortest post ever because sometimes saying thank you is all that’s needed. Plus, our biggest post ever is cooking, juicy as a Thanksgiving turkey stuffed with goodness. It may pop out later today or tomorrow. You won’t want to miss it. Meanwhile, enjoy whatever feast or festivities are happening.

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Zo, Best Friends, Black Cat Day Gatto Nero

Layla Morgan Wilde/ November 17, 2017/ #AdorableAdoptables & Shelter Stories, Cat Behavior 101, Cats, Holidays, Shelter Cats/ 10 comments

Zo, Best Friends Black Cat Day Gatto Nero. Nov. 17 is yet another Black Cat Day because black cats need our help. And a special cat named Jacque needs a home. This year Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is teaming up with Microsoft and their chatbot Zo on Nov. 17.  Black cat Celebrations are also happening in the land of la dolce vita. Originally launched

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Clyde, The Senior Black Cat Blogger’s First Gotcha Day

Layla Morgan Wilde/ November 13, 2017/ #AdorableAdoptables & Shelter Stories, Black Cats Tell All Monday, Cat Behavior 101, Reviews & interviews, Secrets of Cats, Shelter Cats/ 25 comments

Clyde, The Black Cat Blogger’s First Gotcha Day by yours truly, Clyde. Can you believe it? I got sprung from a shelter cage a year ago and I’m almost 18 years old.  This Gotcha Day is new to me. Technically, it’s not my first Gotcha Day since I was adopted with my OTRB sister Tootie from a shelter as a

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Black Cats Tell All 2018 Calendar, Best Cat Poem & Horst The Hero From Germany

Layla Morgan Wilde/ November 6, 2017/ Black Cats Tell All Monday, Cat Behavior 101, Cats, Reviews & interviews/ 27 comments

Hello dear ones, it’s your friendly feline host, Clyde, for an arts-filled post with books, calendars and poetry oh my! Did your favorite kitten win? First, I’m thrilled to announce our black and white 2018 Black Cats Tell All is on sale. Snap one up while you can. Free shipping is included but only if you buy before Nov. 24.

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