The Last Cat


It Mondays With Merlin or Man Cat Monday, take your pick. That’s me, Merlin being herded by Gris Gris (my seeing eye cat) when I begin walking in circles. We were shooting the breeze about life, how what goes around comes around and how everything goes in cycles. That’s life. I’ve been crawling all over Layla at night in circles lately trying to get her attention. We dream together with me wedged under her chin. We both knew something was in the air last week when Odin brought us three robin fledglings boom, boom, boom just like that. One got lucky and our cat daddy fed him every 45 minutes from sunrise to sunset. Baby Robin went to a wildlife rehabber yesterday and is looking good. Meanwhile,Odin’s outdoor time is being restricted in order to save lives.


Still, something gnawed on our intuitive brains like spooky music in horror movies. You just know something unsettling was about to happen. Late night phone calls often deliver bad news and the, “Oh no!” from Layla made our tails bristle. Cats listen to phone calls and overhear conversations all the time. We know Layla’s mom is a big cat lover (no surprise there). The whole family is. It’s in their blood. Sadly, her mom’s cat Mikki had to be euthanized suddenly on Saturday. The vet came over. Tumor. Belly. Too old. Too late. That night, I snuggled extra close and Gris Gris who never sleeps close by, jumped up and looked Layla right in the eye. Sorry, we know. At 87, Mikki will probably be the last cat but you never know. That’s life.

R.I.P. Mikki from your pal Merlin


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  1. We shed a tear for dear Mikki as we do for all the losses. No matter the circumstance it still hurts to lose someone you love. We join Abby and company and say our purrs for her,your Mom and all those that need them. Much love to all Skeeter,Izzy and Mom >^–^<

  2. We are so sorry to hear about the loss of Mikki. We know it is a very sad thing for your Mom. We will say our purrs for her and Mikki.

  3. The robin is so cute. Glad it was saved.
    I’m so sorry to hear about Mikki. Gris Gris and you know your mom is sad…you are good kitties to give her extra snuggle and attention. My thoughts are with you all.

    1. That robin was so feisty and a strong will to live.
      purrs of thanks to @Brian, @Chey @ Marilia, @CATchresis, @Abby

  4. we are so deeply sorry to learn of your Mom’s loss…R.I.P dear Mikki…

    87? Nowadays that isn’t even old! Another cat could be a distinct possibility! 🙂

    In the meantime, please send her hugs from us

    1. Caren, thanks. Knowing my mom, it wouldn’t surprise me.
      A thousand thanks to your thoughts, purrs and prayers to
      @Nadbugs,@Ingrid,@Sparkle@Libramoon Bernadette.

  5. So sad for your mom’s loss, not easy when it’s that quick and unexpected, or at your mom’s age. We’ll send her loving energy from all here.

    Yes, they read our minds and hearts. So glad you managed to save at least one of the robins, though!

  6. I’m so sorry for you mom’s loss. It’s always hard, but when it happens as suddenly as it did with Mikki, it’s even harder. My thoughts and prayers go out to your mom.

  7. Mikki was a very pretty cat Layla and no doubt very good company for your Mom. I love how sensitive our cats are to our moods, thoughts, “vibes”….I know your boys wanted you to feel the love!

    Pam and Sam

    1. Pam and Sam, that is a photo of Merlin just after Coco died. Mikki looked more like Odin and was one of the first cats adopted from The Annex Cat Resgue, the group I founded in 1996.

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