ManCat Wisdom With Passover Purrs

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ManCat Wisdom With Passover Purrs Happy ManCat Monday and since Odin is our only Jewish member of the tribe, we’ll let him lead today. Odin, that’s all very well but anyone who isn’t Jewish may not understand what you mean. I mean, this all new to me. As an old cat with Scottish roots, I’m […]


Nine Lives Film Teaser: Kevin Spacey Plays A Cat

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You know cats have achieved serious cred when Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey decides to star in a major feature film, a comedy, as cat-hating billionaire who finds himself trapped inside the body of a cat named Mr. FuzzyPants. Call it poetic justice or sweet revenge but Spacey, as Tom Brand,  a workaholic who neglects his wife Lara […]


Post Holiday Mancat Excess Everything

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It’s Merlin here recounting one of the weirdest holiday seasons and certainly the warmest on record.  The full moon madness peaking on Christmas eve and spilling beyond Christmas Day into Boxing Day, frayed our tempers and moods blacker than a clowder of Grumpy Cats. That’s not entirely true. There were bright spots like our Secret […]

Merlin and Domino Need Purrs & Remembering Radish

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Domino is recovering well from a URI but Merlin is struggling. He’s on homeopathy, a nebulizer but his appetite is off. For a 20-year-old cat in decline with CKD, it’s life threatening to have a virus. With the death a Radish barely a week ago, it’s a perfect storm of stress to threaten my sanity. […]


Answer Your Cat’s Question Day Goes International

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The first answer is: Yes, there is a real holiday called National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day. And yes, the world is officially cat crazy. So crazy the holiday has gone international. Our cats have reluctantly agreed to ask one question each. I have agreed against my better judgement to answer them honestly. Our foster […]