Making Decisions At Crossroads

Merlin, the Grand Poohbah at Cat Wisdom 101 kindly granted me exclusive insights into his wise cat brain on a recent walk. He’s old, half-blind and crotchety so I follow his lead or the caterwauling is deafening. After all, he is Siamese. When he decides to take a break, I have no say in the matter. His favorite spot to lounge is on our very […]

Cat Saturday Magazine

Welcome to our first edition of Cat Saturday in our new home. Special warm furry purrs to you. Let’s jump right in, shall we? Allow me to introduce myself; I’m Merlin and you can read my bio in the sidebar category under my name. First off, we dumped our pet parent, Layla, off as editor. We might let her write sometimes but Cat Saturday belongs […]

Cat Lady-in-Training

        I’ve had cats more or less my entire life. One, two, three maybe four but never more. They find me where ever I go. This is proof of my cat lady-in-training more than twenty years ago on a visit to Bussana Vecchia, a medieval mountaintop  artist’s village in Italy. The day I actually adopt this many will mark the boundary […]

Odin Dreams of a Summer Wardrobe

Photo quote de jour                                 It’s summer weather and that means sorting through summer clothes. Cats are lucky, they can wear the same coat all year round. My mom, Layla opened a drawer and whoa, she’d been hiding this place from me all winter! She had other work to do […]

Mondays With Merlin

What better way to begin the week than wisdom from Merlin, the wise old boy himself? Like a fine wine or cheese, he keeps getting better with age.

A Star is Born

Read about Odin’s recent brush with fame. Click on the purple text.    

Gris Gris’s Profile

          Gris Gris (formerly known as Shadow) AKA “The Alchemist”. Male, feline Breed: Wannabee Russian Blue Age: 14 years young Born: Bronx, New York Weight: 6 pounds. Good things come in small packages Sign: Virgo Occupation: Chief Imagineer and Escape Artist Interests: Hunting and fishing, shapeshifting, jogging, napping with Merlin, dark spaces and Greek yogurt not necessarily in that order. Dislikes: […]

Odin’s Profile

          Odin the One-Eyed Cat aka Odie Winker Male: neutered Breed: gray/white short hair tabby Birthday: June 1, 2010. Born: Bronx, N.Y. Weight: 12 pounds of pure muscle Sign: Gemini. Occupation: CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) and official cat product tester at Cat Wisdom 101 Religion: Jewish (does not keep Kosher) Interests: Everything, especially tree-climbing, hunting and fishing, treats, going for walks […]

Domino’s Profile

            Domino AKA “The Refrigerator ” Male, feral feline who lives on the porch. Breed: Tan, brown and white short hair with blue eyes. Age: 8 years. Born: Westchester County N.Y. Weight: 20+ large and in charge pounds. Occupation: Chief of security/vermin exterminator/Muse. Interests: Eating, securing property from interlopers, wrestling with Odin, sunbathing, catnip harvesting, dreaming. Dislikes: Winter, black cats […]

Layla Morgan Wilde – Profile

          Layla Morgan Wilde Age: baby boomer. Born: Montreal, Canada. Sign: Leo. Occupation: Editor-in-Chief of Cat Wisdom 101 and The Boomer Muse, intuitive life coach for people and pets at I love and understand cats deeply. I am the founder of The Annex Cat Rescue Interests: Cats, writing, photography, meditation, cats, astrology, numerology, tarot, feng shui, cats, volunteering for […]


Merlin’s Profile

Merlin AKA “The Magician”. Male feline. Breed: Purebred blue point/lynx point Siamese Age: 18 on October 2, 2012 Born: Toronto, Canada Weight: 6 lbs Sign: Libra Occupation: Chairman of the Board and Professor Emeritus of Cat Wisdom 101 Interests: Power-napping, singing opera, Zen poetry, snuggling Dislikes: travel by trains, planes or automobiles, digital devices. Favorite quote: “It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: the music is […]