Domino’s Healing Journey

Love helps all of us heal faster. For Domino, a feral with an extreme abscess in his leg for over a month, began his healing journey by getting trapped last Friday. Our vet rushed over in his mobile clinic and an x-ray revealed a massive infection in all the bones of his leg. After shots of antibiotics and painkillers, his leg was shaved and lanced. […]

Operation Domino: Capturing A Feral Houdini

Operation Domino: Capturing A Feral Houdini They say it takes a village to raise a child, but what about cats? After recent events concerning Domino, one of our Cat Wisdom 101 cats, I’ll wager a yes. Over a month ago, Domino, injured his leg. He’s feral and not a stranger to abscesses. Usually, a course of antibiotics administered in his food and he’s good to […]

Caption Me Contest

  Cats love playing games. We think they like playing with toys, but if given half a chance, they might play poker, backgammon or bridge. They are more imaginative than we give them credit for. It’s time to exercise your imagination and caption this image of Merlin and Gris Gris. If you want to win the 16″ x 20″ lithograph, please leave your caption in […]

Say No To Weiners

  No, don’t feed your cat, weiners of any kind. Odin was watching TV when all those pics of Anthony Weiner and his you know came on. He was not amused.  

All Cats Are Psychic?

Welcome to Mondays with Merlin. This is me with my pal Domino in the background. We’re deep thinkers. You might call us mancat psychics. For eons people have believed that animals could predict earthquakes. In 373 B.C., historians recorded that days before an earthquake hit and leveled the Greek city of Helice, animals including rats, snakes and weasels ran for the hills. You can be […]

Food For Thought on Father’s Day

Happy (Almost) Father’s Day! As all cats know… News, Mews and Books Reviews by Gris Gris Have you ever seen someone eating alone in a restaurant reading a book? If I were able to eat in a restaurant, I take a copy of The Secret Life of Cats by Vicky Hall with me. Don’t you think I would have looked good on the cover? That’s […]

Cat Women Book Review

I’d like to continue the tradition I’ve held for almost three years at my other blog, The Boomer Muse. Every Sunday, including today, I post photographs of everything I read with mini reviews called: What I’m Reading This Week. I’m a reading hound and read a stack of magazines and about three books a week from my personal library, my public library or books sent […]

One Of Those Days

Photo quote de jour We’re having a heat wave in the NYC area and all the cats feel like Domino looks. They’re plotzed out, dreaming of mouse-flavored Slurpees. If those aren’t available, ice added to water bowls is a cool treat. And, you humans, remember we don’t like no stinky bowls. Thoroughly wash and rinse all food and water bowls every day to keep bacteria […]

Wisdom Under Your Nose

Gris Gris here. If you look carefully, you’ll find me. I’m all smoke and mirrors. What you see is not always what you get. There are many mysterious cats like me. Perhaps you know one? We like to skulk in dark corners, slip through the narrowest openings and disappear into thin air. We are philosophers and deep thinkers. We are seekers of enlightenment.  Herman Hesse […]

C is For? Memory Quiz

Who says cats can’t spell? Odin demonstrates forms a purr-fect letter C to prove his point, but how long will he have a memory of it? A dog’s memory only lasts 5 minutes. How long can a cat’s memory last? A) 2 minutes B) 60 minutes C) Forever D) 16 hours I often think the answer is C, but the correct answer is D) 16 […]

Making Decisions At Crossroads

Merlin, the Grand Poohbah at Cat Wisdom 101 kindly granted me exclusive insights into his wise cat brain on a recent walk. He’s old, half-blind and crotchety so I follow his lead or the caterwauling is deafening. After all, he is Siamese. When he decides to take a break, I have no say in the matter. His favorite spot to lounge is on our very […]

Cat Saturday Magazine

Welcome to our first edition of Cat Saturday in our new home. Special warm furry purrs to you. Let’s jump right in, shall we? Allow me to introduce myself; I’m Merlin and you can read my bio in the sidebar category under my name. First off, we dumped our pet parent, Layla, off as editor. We might let her write sometimes but Cat Saturday belongs […]