Monday Surprise

Monday Surprise Chez Cat Wisdom 101

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Monday Surprise Chez Cat Wisdom 101 by Clyde and edited by Layla Morgan Wilde Whether you have two cats or ten, there is always something happening. Today we have a Monday surprise.  If anything changes in the household, cats not only notice, they respond towards the other cat, pets, or humans. We’ve gone through a […]


Post Holiday Mancat Excess Everything

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It’s Merlin here recounting one of the weirdest holiday seasons and certainly the warmest on record.  The full moon madness peaking on Christmas eve and spilling beyond Christmas Day into Boxing Day, frayed our tempers and moods blacker than a clowder of Grumpy Cats. That’s not entirely true. There were bright spots like our Secret […]

Pro Plan #CatsTrueNature GoPro Camera/Coupons Giveaway

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We’re wild about our latest giveaway, via the #CatsTrueNature campaign from Purina Pro Plan not only because of its dollar value but because it offers a way for cat lovers to understand cats on a deeper level. Cats communicate volumes with their body cues and photography and video allow documentation we can use to observe, rewind, zoom […]

St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Cat Giveaway

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Top ‘o the morning to you. Us Wilde kitties are feeling lucky and want to share our individual thoughts and greetings about the St. Patrick’s or Catrick’s Day festivities. We’re waiting for a lucky break while our web host, Godaddy fixes an issue with spotty and slow service. Thanks for your patience.   Nou Nou, […]