Hot News About My Cat From Hell

What’s hotter than a 3-balled tomcat? A new season of My Cat From Hell to be produced by 3-Ball Productions for’s Animal Planet. Cat lovers have six new one hour episodes to look forward to in 2012. Host and cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy struck a chord with audiences with his unique style.

Cat lovers, let all your kitties know: Cats are one step closer to world domination!

Two exclusive interviews with Jackson Galaxy by Layla Morgan Wilde:

3 thoughts on “Hot News About My Cat From Hell”

  1. I Love the intro with the flaming, demonic roaring kitty. It’s cheeky and hilarious.

  2. YEAH!!! We love Jackson. But could they change the intro to the show?? Everytime that cat screeches and hisses, everycat in the house jumps!! 🙂

    1. I agree because hissing is so aggressive but that’s show biz…

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