*hit Happens When Cat Writers Meet

Mews & News: Merlin’s update. Every time our vet, Dr. Goldstein pulls up the driveway, I breathe a sigh of relief. It’s a joy not having to deal with carriers or car rides. Yesterday Merlin was sunning himself on the porch one second and inside the mobile clinic the next. He’s a trooper and excellent patient especially given a nasty infected tooth. He’s getting 10 days of antibiotics and will probably need to have the tooth extracted. Dr. G will re-examine him then and do complete blood panels. I don’t think Merlin liked being called “an old man” affectionately by Dr. G. but he said Merlin is doing well for seventeen.

During the recent Cat Writers’ Association conference a few of us escaped for a private lunch to do some serious scheming…

Cat bloggers-cat writers-funny-cat wisdom 101

To find out who is who, visit our Facebook page where the photo is tagged with everyone’s name. They range from a newbie cat blogger to the best of the best.

11 thoughts on “*hit Happens When Cat Writers Meet”

    1. Exactly, which is why we stopped and ate lunch 😉
      @Marg, don’t give up. There must be a solution.
      @Brian, seeing everyone in person

  1. None of the vets at our clinic will come to the house, not even for an additional fee. You have a good vet, we suspect. Purrs to Merlin!

    The mom says she’ll leave world domination to us–she just wants the food. LOL.

    1. We are so lucky to have our vet 101 Dr.G.
      @Milo and Alfie, extra purrs for Alfie!
      @Carolyn, ready or not here we come!
      @Angelina, MOL.
      @Mr Puddy, must visit you on FB!

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