Healing Purrs Needed

This is not the post I expected to write today. The caption doesn’t fit.

Domino-formerly feral-second thought-LOL cat-cat wisdom 101

What I love about cat lovers in our community is the size of our hearts. Every day I’m awed and inspired by you dear reader, whether you are a cat blogger or simply love cats. Yesterday, I was so happy to share my good news about formerly feral Domino sleeping in our bed for the first time and then turning skittish. It’s a big adjustment to get used to the indoor life after seven years of being outdoors, but this afternoon I sensed something was wrong but brushed it aside. Later, no matter how hard we tried, he would not come in. When we returned from the movies, he was sitting in his nest on the porch with the heating pad on. One look and I knew.

“That’s it. He’s coming in. Open the door,” I said to hubby. Cats know what we’re thinking and before Domino could read my mind, I picked him up and whisked him indoors. We spotted blood on his leg and he limped out of view. It was the same leg where he suffered a severe abscess last summer. He allowed hubby to spritz on Vetericyn VF ( Veterinarian Formula )Wound & Infection Care spray on the leg. I’ll post an update later.

In the meantime, healing purrs are requested. Thank-you for being here.

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