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Healing Purrs Are Here

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

get well cats


So many cats we know and two-legged friends are ill or going through a rough patch (ourselves included). There’s our dear blogger friends at Brian’s Home grappling with several issues and the cat blogger central CatBlogosphere has daily news and linkies for any cats needing purrs of healing and comfort for their peeps. The image, originally black and white

Fullscreen capture 4292013 15724 PM.bmp

is a copyright-free antique photo from over a hundred years ago. It shows people loved their pets then as they do now. I had fun cleaning it up, imbuing it with love and healing purrs to share in two versions. Which do you prefer?

vintage get well cat card

I’m not blogging on Tuesdays at either of my blogs and spent much of yesterday snuggling in bed with Merlin. It’s my version of slacking off. All online activity, including the usual 200 emails a day got a lick and a promise. My other version of what Grumpy Cat taught me is up at and while tongue-in-cheek, it’s advice I’m heeding.

AND I finally succumbed to joining Instagram and will be sharing a more intimate slice of my life there. If you are on Instagram do follow me Catwisdom101 and I’ll follow you back. I have no idea what I’m doing but it looks like fun. Of course there are tons of cats. If anyone can suggest a good WP plugin for Instagram please do.


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