Fun Feline Friday Winner

We have a big winner! We’re thrilled to announce the winner of our giveaway for years supply of Calming treats from Pet Naturals of Vermont is Ronda FRC Foster. Congratulations! Please look from a email from Layla Morgan Wilde. Please note: for future giveaways, please make sure you leave a comment with a valid email.

It’s fun feline Friday and it’s time to get happy! Cats show their happiness in many ways. For Odin, my artistic muse, running outdoors during agility training makes both of us happy. What makes your cat happy?

happy cat = happy human-cat wisdom 101
happy cat = happy human-cat wisdom 101

readers choice wisdom 101Something else that would make us happy would be nominated for a Readers Choice Award from for Best Website About Cats. If you love Cat Wisdom 101, it’s easy to nominate: enter at via your Facebook or account. Thank-you for loving cats.

9 thoughts on “Fun Feline Friday Winner”

  1. Concats to the winner, my kitties have told me they would like to try these treats so guess that means Momma has to pay for ’em! Ah well, anything to make the fur babies happy. I love that you do agility training with your cat — have you entered competitions?

  2. Wonderful!

    Ched and Mao are doing well with 10 percent dry food and 2 cans wet food (total not each) a day, plus a little Gerber’s Beef Baby Food and deli luncheon meat turkey and fresh water daily.

    They don’t have diabetes and even though they are 15 pounds, at least they are not 25. They might even lose a little weight over the next year.

    I find that the wet food cans fills them up more than the dry food, besides providing more nutrition for them.

    Dry food is like eating chips and crackers all day. ugh.

    They say Hi btw.

    1. Purrs to Ched and Mao. We don’t discuss much on nutrition here but agree with what you say about dry food. Check out Natural Cat Care blog in our blogroll for excellent nutritional advice.

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