FIV+ Former Feral Domino’s 15th Birthday

FIV+ Former Feral Domino’s 15th Birthday by Layla Morgan Wilde

Happy May Day! We’re on day one of our 30-day digital detox but auto-posting select posts like this one. It’s with great joy to share our news about our old boy Domino turning fifteen. He’s the poster boy for adopting FIV+ cats. His story is one of survival, resilience and hope. We don’t know where our former feral came from, but he showed upon our porch 14 years ago where he made his home for seven years.


Domino shied away from humans but befriended Angel Merlin and Coco in 2004 and became fast friends with Odin and Merlin in 2011.


We made his porch life as comfortable as possible, and when he expressed interest in where his cat friends disappeared after their garden outings, we set up a spot by a window where he could spy inside.

domino-window-cat wisdom 101

He eluded every attempt at trapping and if you’ve not read his amazing transformation from feral to house cat, enjoy Operation Domino

feral cat domino finally trapped and neutered.

Gradually, Domino adjusted to indoor life to lap cat. He’s a devoted daddy’s boy but enjoys the best of an indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

Domino-feral indoors- cat wisdom 101cat-daddy-merlin-domino-cats-quote

Domino still has no interest in birthdays but won’t say no to catnip or treats.

former feral birthday

I hate birthdays and I hate being a senior but I love life and you!


Thank you for being our friends. You’re welcome to partake in a celebratory toast and our best fishes. Free catnip for everyone! Can you identify all our gang at the birthday party bar including a few angels?


Thank you to all our followers on Instagram @CatWisdom101 and @BlackcatsofIG where we just celebrated 7000 followers. We loved the Coachella retro vibe of the hippie van and it inspired our birthday card.

vw_bus_blackcatsofig_thank you

And if anyone needs a birthday card to send someone,  we whipped up this cutie.


24 thoughts on “FIV+ Former Feral Domino’s 15th Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday Domino! FIV cats are amazing, and former ferals too. Isn’t life a kick? Outside to inside and still enjoying the good life! Enjoy your day and enjoy the sunshine.

  2. I love digital detox. I rarely get those. I copy edit newspaper articles online. So I have digital nap breaks or TV breaks or errand breaks.

  3. Happy Happy Cat Birthday Domino. (I secretly call you Dom Dom.) Ched looked up and winked and yawned, meaning that he wuvs you, too.

  4. dood…..sendin best fishez happee day wizhez N mice creem dizhez fora total lee happee 15 N heerz ta 15 mor…ewe iz knot old buddy….just wize…tho due knot eggz pect any social secatity chex……dude waited N waited on hiz N never saw a cent !!! get inta trubull two day & heerz two a yeer a head filled with happeez and healtheez ~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  5. Happy Birthday Domino! My Mom says she remembers the transition of outside visitor to inside lovin’ life kitty some years ago back when Sammy was still here. You look purrrrfectly happy being a man of leisure these days. Here’s to many more happy years for you big guy.

    Love, Teddy

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