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Caturday Photo Quote de Jour

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Humans like cats are always full of surprises. Our usual Friday giveaway will be on Sunday. Stop by then for a cozy but practical delight. Our big surprise about Odin will be announced on Tuesday.

Lots of kind thoughts and words came our way this week for Merlin which we much appreciate. We received a “thinking of you” award from our friends at Texas, A Cat From New York It comes with rules. We’re supposed to tell seven things we love and think about daily. I’ll let Merlin tackle that question at a Mondays With Merlin. We are supposed to pass the award on to seven other blogs but we’re bending the rule. If you’re on our blogroll feel free to take it and pass it on.


I never fully appreciated that famous quote until recently. The quote is widely attributed to Mary Sarton but the French writer Collette said it before her and Collette may have appropriated it from Sigmund Freud. Merlin and I have been spending quality time talking and snuggling. When he’s not napping on the porch with the others, he’s taken to bunting or head butting my hand which he’s never done before. After all these years, there’s always something new to amaze us about cats.

To celebrate our passion for cats and relatively pleasant week for our fur gang, we’re focusing on quotes capturing the mood of each cat. Domino and Gris Gris have bonded more closely since Merlin prefers human company these days.


Gris Gris, never a wanderer is closer than ever. He can be found lolling on the porch most afternoons with Domino on a nearby chair

cat-nap-gris gris

Odin is cultivating his international mancat of mystery vibe. He’s growing less kittenish and more worldly. Apparently he has a penchant for writing and global affairs. I can hardly wait to to reveal his big secret on Tuesday.


Does your cat keep secrets from you?


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