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Cat lovers like you can make a difference and do. Last week we blogged about our friends Cole and Marmalade who were # 3 in the Modern Cat Make Your Cat A Star Contest. Thanks to cat people power sharing, voting and getting the word out Marmalade is in the #1 spot BUT voting is on until Jan.30. Let’s make sure they win by continuing to vote here and share this post. Thank-you! Keep up to date with the latest at the Cole and Marmalade Facebook page AND if they win, they will help #2 Joe The Cat who was rescued after being shot and left for dead.kk

This is their latest video and purrfect example of why we love them so much. Get ready to do a happy dance!

Cat People Power made a difference here this week. We asked you to take a poll at this week’s Monday’s With Merlin.

These are the results as of yesterday. An overwhelming positive response is for to him continue dispensing his wit and wisdom from the great beyond. Thanks so much! How it will manifest remains to be seen. The format may change but for now Merlin and I are in deep discussion. I spent the week hibernating with him except for time at the shelter volunteering.

Mondays With Merlin

In case you missed our weekly Shelter Volunteer post, our #AdorableAdoptables spotlight  was on three blacks cats. We also reported on our foster cat and the weird things cats do with their food bowls.I forgot to mention Traci and Gwen are in the cage-free room but beautiful Priscilla is in a cage. When I visited on Wednesday, there had been a bunch of adoptions but all the black and tuxie cats were still available 🙁

#adorableadoptables black cats

Thursday was Ask Your Cat’s Question Day It begs the question: why didn’t anyone ask WHY are there so many black and tuxie cats waiting for their forever homes. Come on, let’s show some more Cat People Power and get the word out about how adoptable black cats are! Share or Pin our black cat graphic.

National answer your cat's question day

21 thoughts on “Caturday Cat People Power”

  1. People have long judged other people by what they SEE…..I think that’s the same with cats…..sadly humans and animals are so much more than “looks” – it’s what’s inside that counts and hearts are huge and love is huge INSIDE not outside. Hopefully the beautiful panther kitties of the world will eventually convince humans to give them a chance – there’s a lot of love waiting to be given………..


  2. Good luck to Cole and Marmalade!

    I love black cats. We had a sweet boy, Kemal, growing up.

    And of course, Mao, who changed his name from Magic. He has a white magic stripe on his paw, a la Harry Potter.

    I love Merlin so much. I will be so sad. I voted that Mondays With Merlin should continue.

  3. We are voting for Marmalade but we have enjoyed looking at and reading about many many others. The vid is cute!
    We keep purring and praying for ALL of the kitties to find homes. I find the black cat aversion so odd, I look for them first! To me they are the ultimate in feline mystery. We must say tho that we love them all no matter color,age,gender,special needs,quirks, etc.

    Luvs and purrs for all
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo >^..^<

  4. We are not guilty of avoiding black or tuxie cats – Hannah is a tuxie and there was a black cat (Max) here as part of the family from kitten to his passing – he loved me intensely and would chase any dogs away if they even glanced at me
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx.

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