A Cat Muses On The End of The World

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It’s Mondays With Merlin and unless you’ve been living under the litter pan, you know Dec. 21 is supposed to be the end of the world, at least according to the Mayan calendar. Here’s a feline secret cats know. Ask your cat for the dirt or come close. Closer. Can you hear me purring? Good. The world is not ending on Friday or anytime soon. That said, this is what I know for sure. It will be the the winter solstice, the first day of winter and a full moon on December 21. It will be an intense week energy wise.

So what does this mean for you dear cat lover? I would wake up and smell the catnip. Slow down. No really slow down. Unplug from digital devices for more than 3 minutes. Do less. Way less. Don’t buy your sister’s (fill in the blank) ex-boyfriend’s cousin a gift or go to their party if you really don’t want to do. Snuggle with a cat more. A lot more. The world may not end but things do change. Do more of what you love and what really matters because guess what, life is short. Unless they’re handing out miracles, this will likely be my last Christmas.


My mom, Layla has been working so hard I had to teach her a lesson. Hehehehe. We cats are good at that. I haven’t been sleeping with her and she felt awful about it, but it was the only way to wake her up. So yesterday afternoon while she was working through her crazy long to-do list I began vomiting in my litter box. That got her attention. She scooped me up and snuggled with me under the covers. Just like old times. She asked me what I wanted and I said MORE. So we snuggled for the rest of the afternoon while dozens of emails sat unanswered and tasks undone. When I finally thought she got it, I got up. Job done. Her to-do list crumpled and she smartly stayed away from Facebook and baked cookies instead.

The moral of the story is your cat(s) have a message for you. Please listen.


  • Ms. Phoebe

    Awww Merlin, mew have taught me so much with mewz wise ways. I cannot help but feel sad to think this may be mewz last Catmas. It may be mewz last Catmas here on Earth, but mew will be with mewz family and furiends every Catmas- in spirit. Mewz strong spirit will be with us always, purrs of love to mew sweet mancat. <3

  • Katie

    You are so wise Merlin. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. I am reminded of my own senior man. He may not be around next year, and I try to appreciate every moment with him. Thanks for reminding me once again how precious he is and where priorities should lay.

  • Ryker's Boyz 'n' Allie

    Merlin, that’s very wise. Unca Ryker told us that he gave our mommy the very same message two years ago at about this time. It was his last week on this earth. ANd he wanted HER. So she left dishes unwashed, and sat with him in her lap, just reading peacefully together. They went on nice long slow perimeter sweeps of the yard, so he could sniff all he wanted. And she left the dryer open so he could have one nice last burrow under all those warm clothes.

    It was the best thing she’s ever done.

  • Skeeter and Izzy

    We do not know how long we have on this earth. That is why Merlin’s advice is so wise….live every day like it IS your last,have no regrets,laugh like a little child and not give a whisker if someone stares,dance,sing off key,take a cat nap (preferably with a cat),and most importantly….LOVE! We LOVE you Merlin….we LOVE your family and we try to give as much LOVE away as possible every day because we know the more we give away the more comes right back to us. Life is short,eat dessert first!Peace be with you all and Lve fill your soul. Love Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  • maggie

    What a good reminder.
    We can never go wrong by spending more time loving the cats and people in our lives.
    Thank you, wise Merlin.
    Please ask Layla to give you kisses from me.


  • Cheysuli

    You are a very wise cat. You know, really I’m a little worried that the sun just won’t come back up this solstice. Isn’t that the end of the world the ancients were afraid of on the solstice?

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  • Sparky Spitfire

    you is very brave to snuggle, ‘specially under teh covers. yeesh. i keep hoping there is a way to be around humans down wifout getting them all excited and turning on their ‘grabby hands’ mode but so far, no. so, fanks for the heads-up: stay away from desperate, needy humans this Friday. good to know.

  • Sparkle

    My human does not think the world is ending anytime soon, but she has been giving me extra hugs and kisses “just in case!” Bleagh. I hope this means that after December 21, she doesn’t have to give me any for a while because she is overdrawn!

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