Astro-Kitty:The Sagittarius Cat

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Your cat’s personality can be influenced by the stars. This month, the ninth astrological sign of the zodiac is in Sagittarius. Cats born between Nov 23 to Dec. 21 are Sagittarians, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance. The color of Sagittarians is blue. Their element is fire. If you aren’t certain of your cat’s […]

Turkey Times and Cats Playing Chicken

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Caturday News & Mews This week we enjoyed turkey. Some more than others like Odin. Merlin and Domino have resumed a close relationship on our cat daddy’s lap after Merlin repeatedly shooed Domino away. When a cat who normally loves the companionship of another cat suddenly doesn’t, it can signal illness or pain. Merlin is feeling better after a […]

2012 Cat Wisdom 101 Top 10 Cat Products & Holiday Gift Guide

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We’re delighted to share our Cat Wisdom 101 Top 10 Cat Products & Holiday Gift Guide. In the past year we’ve enjoyed providing our Cat Wisdom 101 readers over  100 truthful reviews & giveaways of a wide selection of cat-related products. We only review products we’ve used and tested (with the help of our feline testing team). It was […]