The Religion of Cats

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When my mom, Layla first started this blog, she wrote fun profiles for each of our cats including their age, astrological sign and religion. Cats of course don’t follow organized religions since they prefer to be worshipped as gods. If cats were religious, they’d probably follow in the footsteps of the Dalai Lama who has said his religion is […]

If It’s Saturday It Must Be Caturday Cats +

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If we could we would be jumping up and down! If it’s Saturday, it must be Caturday. We’re excited to announce two giveaway winners and wait for it… the best new cat book we’ve read all year. Really! We can hardly wait to tell you but you’ll have stop by tomorrow for the review, exclusive author Q & […]

The Dalai Lama’s Cat – Book Review, Author Q & A + Giveaway

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Some cat books are catnip for the soul but The Dalai Lama’s Cat, a new novel by David Michie is best described as nirvana for the cat lover’s soul. Yes, dear reader we are blissed out by a transcendent book destined to be a classic in the vein of The Little Prince or The Alchemist. […]

Feline Breast Cancer & Think Pink Giveaways

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We’ve done fab Think Pink giveaways all month in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month but the biggest and the pinkest one will be launched tomorrow! If you hurry, you can still enter our latest Think Pink giveaways. It’s easy to enter our giveaways by simply leaving a comment. Scroll down to the end of this post for more […]

Don’t Judge A Cat By Their Color

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Every October cat lovers turn their attention to the misunderstood black cats. Centuries of superstition and ignorance continue to this day which is why most shelters won’t allow black cats to be adopted close to Halloween. But what about myths or beliefs about other color cats? Are orange cats really more laid back, or tortoiseshell cats […]

imperial cat-snooze n scratch-scratcher

Astro Kitty: Scorpio & Imperial Cat Giveaway

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Disclaimer:The Cat Wisdom 101 Astro-Kitty series by Layla Morgan Wilde is for entertainment purposes only.  The wheel of the zodiac spins into Scorpio on October 24th. Of the twelve astrological signs, there is no mistaking a Scorpio cat. They are all about intensity, beginning with eyes that bore down to your soul. Don’t even think […]

What Cats Know About Happiness

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What do cats know about happiness? Everything. My #1 teacher on the subject is Merlin who despite advanced age and kidney disease, sits in the lap of happiness. On the weekend I followed him happily doing his favorite thing exploring our property. Please note: He is always supervised and the property is large, safe and […]

Cats Can’t Shoot-Review/Giveaway + Bonus Cat Pics

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Our feline reviewers are taking Sunday off to do some snooping and crime solving in the garden. There are moles involved and not the kind in spy novels. I suspect it has something to do with not being paid for their services. Isn’t caviar cake sufficient payment? Merlin is not amused. If you like cats […]

Caturday Pumpkin Power

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In October, cats and pumpkins go together like sugar and spice and all things nice. Our thoughts turning to Halloween costumes and trick or treat. Which reminds me, the deadline for our feline Halloween costume is next Saturday. Post your pics to our Cat Wisdom101 Facebook page or email them to us at The winner […]

Classy Cat Dishes “Think Pink” A Classy Giveaway

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One of our favorite “Think Pink” giveaways is from Classy Cat Dishes in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This giveaway is open for readers in Canada and the U.S. What do we love about Classy Cat food and water bowls? Everything! These bowls are simply the best designed we’ve seen. Raised cat bowls are superior for […]

Cali-Cuvs Cat Litter Box Covers: “Think Pink” Giveaway

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Cali-Cuvs kitty litter box covers is the first of two Think Pink giveaways today. Subscribers, look for a second post today for giveaway #2! Not a subscriber? Subscribe today via email and never miss our good news and giveaways! Cali-Cuvs from Paws For Thought are a quick and inexpensive way to camouflage unsightly cat litter boxes. Let’s […]