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For the past four years we’re featured Vet 101 every Thursday.  We’re posting less frequently but have an extensive archive of useful, well researched cat-related articles from vets Dr. Richard Goldstein, Dr. Letrisa Miller and others. To view please click on Vet 101 in the category tab of our website footer or place key words into our search box.

One of our articles Squeaky’s Long Fall by Dr. Letrisa Miller won The CEVA Human-Animal Bond Award in 2014 at the Cat Writers’ Assocaiton awards.

Dr. Letrisa Miller

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21 thoughts on “Vet 101

  1. Han Tu says:

    My cat Noah, he’s well around a year old. He has a wound (That was already checked out) that he won’t stop scratching. The vet told me to wrap a scarf around it, but when I remove it (after the fur grew back) he starts scratching it again and I have to wrap it again and let it heal all over again.

  2. Kimberly says:

    We have a 26 yr old named Nelly. She has lost a lot of weight and howls constantly through out the day. she also urinates frequently. Our other cat wont use the same liter box with her any more. At the last vet visit they could not find anything wrong. They said she is just old. We already knew that. she is also deaf. Any suggestions?

    • Deaf, geriatric cats often yowl but 26 is an amazingly old cat. I’m not a vet and can’t make medical suggestions but suggest seeing another vet or having more diagnostics done. Reiki is soothing as is Rescue Remedy. Let me know what happens.

  3. kera smith says:

    Help! My cat is chronically vomiting each day. It started about a month ago when the vet put her on a antibiotic, clavanox, plus switched her to a diet food, Hills RD. Now she is off both but continues to vomit up food, sometimes bile, but her spirits are good, very playful. Im considering adding a probiotic. She is eating less than a can of Merrick Duck each day. What can i do , change?

  4. Talking about loud purring cats; our cat has hyperthyroid and takes medication. Since he is back to a normal weight now and his usual self, we noticed he no longer purrs real loud and or as often. Was this loudness and regularity due to his under weight and symptoms of this disease?

    • jazmine says:

      hello i don’t know about the disease but i noticed my old cat who has run away to deal with some business a long time ago had the same issue and was skinny she seemed perfectly fine and adored her family

  5. Ellen says:

    Help! We just adopted a 2 yr. old cat. Cat was very friendly when we met her and decided to take her home. The lady who owed her didn’t think it was fair she was alone all day while she was at work and school. For 3 wks now she is still hissing and batting at us. ( There are three people in the house) I realize the cat came from a very quiet environment, but she is not adapting. She does greet us an the door and will let you pet her, then that’s it. When told to mutual friend of cat owner, she was very surprised. Said she would jump on her lap and lick her face when she came over. Very sweet.
    How long is long enough to see if she adjusts to new environment? We feel 1 more week ( that’s a month since adoption) Its breaking our hearts but we cant have the aggressive behavior. What should we do and is there a reasonable time to adjust? We would not send her to a shelter but find a good home. Thank you!

    • Ellen, there could any number of reasons why she’s not adapting. That’s why people make appointments for consults. Three weeks is not a long time to adjust to a new home. She is likely missing her old home and feeling abandoned. She may be picking up your plans to rehome her. I’d begin with a vet visit to rule out anything medical and reassure her she can stay. It can be frustrating when cats don’t behave the way we expect them to but the solutions can be simple. Email me if you’d like a consult.

  6. Amanda says:

    I have three young cats (5 months) that within a few days they have all developed masses under their breasts. They started off small and within a day or so some have grown golf ball sized. The lumps are hard but feel like they may be fluid filled and none are the same size They have not been fixed. Could this be somehormonal issue or should I be concerned?

  7. JoAnna Gardner says:

    My daughter has two sibling cats. Baby and Boots. She has a new boyfriend and Boots seemed to like him. The new boyfriend stayed over night, and Boots urinated in her bed. He has shown anger before by breaking the lamps when company stayed over night. How do we stop this behavior. She loves them dearly but can’t keep a cat that does this. What do we do to stop this?

    JoAnna Gardner

  8. carmenn schutte says:

    I would like to know how to brush a cat’s teeth! My 3 year old kitten has developed red gums & i am worried that it might damage her teeth at this young age.

  9. Hi Layla and Dr. G.,

    Nice that you have a yelp page (or is it a yowl page?).

    My yelp or yowl is:

    I have a 17 year old cat with advanced kidney disease.

    She urinates frequently, drinks a lot, and is sensitive in the abdomen area. Plus she’s lost over half her weight. She has a lot of trouble getting around and can barely climb stairs.

    She’s had a lot of tests from two different vets and they agree that she only has a few months at most left.

    I have my opinion about when a cat should be put to sleep. Obviously if they can’t get up and move around or if they are in so much pain that they yowl a lot or if they stop eating, then it’s time.

    Right now I’m getting opinions from vets, friends, and family. They all seem to think it “could” be time. But none of them seem entirely decided and so am I.

    I love her so much. She’s a very good friend. But I also don’t want to prolong the agony too long.

    What would you say are the undeniable symptoms of when to put a cat to sleep?


    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

    • boomermuse says:

      Thanks for your timely message. I’ll forward it to Dr.G. I’m sorry to hear about your beloved cat’s decline. As you may know Merlin is 18, has lost half his weight and has kidney disease but still enjoying a quality of life, can manage stairs and eats heartily. Cats are masters of hiding pain, but mobility and loss of appetite are tip offs as are litter box issues, and decrease in their usual enjoyment of favorite things.

  10. Alice Towery says:

    My 2 year old Aby keeps having UTI problems ~ blood in urine but no bacterial infection. The 1st time the vet prescribed Cosequin for a week. Then a week after he took cosequin, blood again so I’ve put him back on Cosequin for another week. How long should I keep him on that or should I go ahead and take him back to the vet for a urine culture ($$). Thanks, Alice

  11. Lisa Fabia Faga says:

    I have a sick cat impossible to get medication in him…it’s a cold.
    I live in Larchmont I understand there is an injection…
    for uri, I am at my wits end…
    I have three other cats…two are ok one other is on the mend.
    This boy, Ambrose is impossible.
    What is the fee and would you come to Larchmont?
    I need help…Warmly, Lisa

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