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Merlin (pictured above) gives his Four Paw Rating and thinks some angels have purrs instead of wings. That was my conclusion after reading A Street Cat Named Bob: How One Man And His Cat Found Hope On The Streets by James Bowen. You may have seen the popular YouTube video of busker James Bowen playing guitar on the streets of London with his faithful sidekick, a ginger cat named Bob. This unlikely duo found each other when both were down on their luck and could have easily slipped through the cracks to a tragic end.

Everything changed in 2007, when Bowen, a recovering heroin addict and life-long cat lover decided to nurse back to health an injured cat in his ramshackle apartment. This proved to be no ordinary cat but Bob, a gregarious and streetwise cat who charmed passers-by (often on Bowen’s shoulder) as Bowen busked or sold magazines on street corners. Bob not only helped increase Bowen’s income but the two bonded in a relationship short of miraculous. The brilliant Bob taught Bowen that unconditional love can heal the deepest and darkest wounds. Gradually Bowen’s self-esteem soared and he began making healthier life choices. You might say Bob saved both their lives.

The famous duo still ply their trade on the streets of London and fans from all over the world often tweet their pics of Bob and Bowen at @streetcatbob. Visit and “like” them at their Facebook page to see all the latest pics!

The memoir, a #1 hit in the U.K. will in published in the U.S. by Thomas Dunne Books in 2013. A copy was sent to me from the publisher and in no way influenced this review.

The self-effacing Bowen gives writer Garry Jenkins credit for helping him write the book. The simplistic style captures Bowen’s matter-a-fact and yet beguiling voice.

If you’d like to win a copy of A Street Cat Named Bob, simply leave a comment a this post anytime before 11:59 PM EST September 29, 2012. Good luck! The winner will be announced next Sunday.

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  3. This is a wonderful story that inspires faith in the world. Please don’t enter me in the giveaway; I’m just going to say an early congrats to the winner!

  4. Merlin, I always trust your advice! I’d LOVE TO READ THIS BOOK!
    Please enter me in the drawing, I’ve won a book recently, it’s a great one too!
    Cat’s Meow. Hope there’s no limitations on winning!lol
    I went ho their website and liked them. Their story is amazing!!

  5. Concats Eve!
    This sounds like yet another fabulous read…..a good one to read in the sun on a beautiful autumn day!
    Thank you Layla for all you do with the blog,book and product reviews,vet advice and sharing your family with us.
    Big Purrs Skeeter and Izzy >^@@^<

  6. God, what a story. Ched woke up to read it. Just goes to show the power of love. I’m going to mention this to Bent – do you know him, Layla? He is in Copenhagen and was nursing a wounded crow on its way toward health, but sadly, it did not end well and he is distraught. He is a crow whisperer. The things Shivie did while she was still alive…
    Kathryn recently posted…Table of Contents

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