Purrfect Pawalla Mini Box Giveaway

We’re big fans of Pawalla boxes and have a big treat for you. I’ll let Odin our one-eyed product tester extraordinaire tell you the story. Like all cats, I love boxes but some are better than others. A small box arrives at our home. The assistant opens it for me and my one eye can’t believe how much inside. Pawalla is a monthly delivery of healthy food, treats, supplements and toys in a box!


The Pawalla Mini box contains three specially selected toys, treats and other pet products delivered to your door for only $12.00! The selection changes monthly and mine included smoked salmon treats and Omega 3 supplements from Grizzly Nutreat, two real suede catnip toys from Spot and samples of cat food from Honest Kitchen. My mom has a good nose for bargains and I have a really good nose for sniffing goodies. The coupon is for the humans.


Pawalla-honest kitchen-cat food-coupon

My nose is so good, I could smell the fishy goodness even with the cap on!

Pawalla-cats-grizzly salmon oil-treats

pawalla-cute critters-catnip toys-curiosity-cats

Then, my mom played a trick on me. She removed the security lid (releasing the yummy scent) from the smoked salmon treats and hid it. Ha, no matter where she hid it, I found it and rewarded me with the real treat. Then it was my turn to play a trick on her.

pawalla-Grizzly nutreats-salmon-cat-treats

I squeezed into the box and she laughed at me. I showed her!



I fit purrfectly plus I caught the catnip creature. Win Win.


Now you and your cats can win! Our Pawalla giveaway is for two Pawalla Mini boxes. Purrsonally, I think the box is a magic-smelling bonus. To find out more visit their yummy website at Pawalla

P.S. they have boxes for dogs too!

To enter: simply leave a comment before midnight March 7, 2013 EST. For extra chances to win social media share this post on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. etc. Please mention where you shared in the comment. Good Luck! The two winners will be announced next Friday.


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87 Comments on “Purrfect Pawalla Mini Box Giveaway
  1. I have a whole houseful of fur babies…..two rescue kitties and eight doggies, of which three are rescues….my rescue kitties are Kiki and shadow…. Almost  Four years ago, Kiki just showed up….I was getting my newspaper when a white blur came running down the street very fast towards me….my first thought was whose dog got out and I have to catch the little thing…..  Only it was not a dog,  it was a white cat with a black spot on it’s side and on it’s head and it jumped up amd started pawing my legs and crying at me….  I ignored it completely knowing if I ignored it it would go back home,..it sat on my door step…..  I told my husband and told him DO NOT feed the kitty cause I want it to go home….  I was not ready for a kitty right now as I was still missing my kitty that died the previous year and i knew if we fed it, it would stay…The next day I fully expected it to be gone….nope….it was curled in front of my door sleeping peacefully….  I ignored it all day thinking it would leave….it didn’t….  The next day I caved, I went and bought a bag of cat food.  (I hadnt had a cat since my Siamese died in 2008 at the old age of 17 1/2)….it was April 2009 at this time….so I bought cat food and brought it back home, opened my door and cat ran inside (ignoring all my little barking shelties) jumped on the island in the kitchen and asked for food…..  Hubby came in and said I thought you were not feeding it,,,..but I couldn’t let the thing starve, now could I?  I said I would give it some food and maybe it would go back home…kitty had other plans already made…   That was that….it never left…….and so he became Kiki…. (was a cat colony cat at some point as is neutered male and has the ear tattoo they used to use to identify neutered colony cats in my area)…none months later in January 2010 I was pulling into bank parking lot to make deposit…..there was a dead kitten in lot, little tiny thing….made me cry….then I noticed a little ball of fur at front of the lot next to the building…..baby baby…..still nursing age, barely able to crawl around well….clearly dumped.   Took home the black fluff ball and bottle fed him…..he grew into the best cat ever….his name is shadow….he is very affectionate, loves to be carried and held like a baby and is just really a nice fat boy….  So, in nine months time though after losing my old boy, i said i would not have more kitties as it hurt too much to lose him after almost 18 years…I became a kitty mom again, to not one but two kitties….  Kiki picked me…Shadow would have likely met the same fate at his silbling if I hadn’t picked him up from that parking lot…..luckily for me both kitties adore my dogs.  I actually think they believe they are dogs sort of as they come to me when called like the dogs, go outside with the dogs to potty and sit and beg for treats like the dogs,…They even play with the dogs and lick their heads and bump heads with them….  Kiki and Shadow would love to have a pawalla mini box full of goodies to try.  They said the variety of yummy stuff looks very good and they would have loved to try the salmon stuff especially!  They enjoy getting new treats and toys, especially fish and catnip flavored stuff as that is their favorite flavors!  They are the least picky kitties I have ever met, see, again like doggies…  They will try anything….shadow will grab your hand and try to take any kind of sweets away from you!    Hope you enjoyed reading about how Kiki and Shadow came to live here and how this girl who said she would never own another kitty became the owner of two new kitties!  

    Not sure if it counts but I shared your contest with a bunch if my friends and family who don’t have the listed social media sites so I shared your contest by email…

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