Cat Caption Funnies Contest: Here Comes The Bride From 1902

Cat Caption Funnies Contest is from 1902. This is a little late but if you wait long enough, everything old is new again. Our last vintage kitty pic was from Sweden. You just know something is going on with those kids but the cat isn’t telilng, but he is thinking.   There were so many Read More


5 Mega Giveaway Cat Product Winners

We have 5 giveaway winners to announce and other tidbits and goodies. I prepped a new Cat Caption Contest but photos weren’t uploading, the birds were chirping and I thought I’d better get some sleep. Look for it later in the day. I’ve added the Rafflecoper widget with the winners’ names at the giveaway post Read More


Mondays With Merlin: Summer Solstice Full Moon

 Summer Solstice wishes from me, Merlin, coming to you from Summerland  I promised I’d be back. You didn’t really think I could stay away, did you? The world is in such a sorry state, we need all the feline wisdom we can get. I have so much to report since my exit last month, it’ll Read More

Father's _day_cat_dad

Cats, Boxes, Videos, Best Testimonial Ever +

It’s a kind of Cats, Boxes, Videos, Best Testimonial Ever kind of Caturday. It’s International Box Day. Your cat may be looking at you funny, slow blinking their thoughts, you human fools celebrate box day once a year but we celebrate everyday. Fine. It’s also Father’s Day tomorrow or as it’s known at our house, Read More

black cats_photo submission

Black Cats Tell All: Nonprofit Anthology Fights Prejudice

Update: We did it! Black Cats Tell All: Amazing Black Cat Stories & Images is funded! We reached our goal on day one of the campaign. But we still need your support for each our important stretch goals.  Check out our All new nonprofit campaign on Kickstarter.  We are expanding the original premise of black cat stories Read More


Death, Digital Diarrhea:Hardest Post Ever Written

Death, Digital Diarrhea and Hardest Post Ever Written and not necessarily in that order. All I know is that it’s 4:AM and I’ve struggled to write this for hours. I’ve stirred the pot with dozens of titles and they all stink. Hold you nose and let’s dive in shall we? Do you want the good Read More


Cat Wisdom 101 Giveaway Extravaganza!

Our Cat Wisdom 101 Giveaway Extravaganza celebrates 5 Years of blogging. UPDATE: Our Mystery Prize from Prize Pack #4 is revealed. Scroll down to the end to see it! This giveaway is a little different. I wanted to honor you dear reader with the chance to win some fab prizes, hand-picked from the most innovative cat Read More


Giveaway Winners Plus Vintage Kids & Cat Caption Contest

We have giveaway winners and a funny Vintage Kids & Cat Caption Contest this week. The three winners of the NasalGuard giveaway are: 1) Fur Everywhere 2) Skeeter and Izzy 3) Tamago   Congratulations! Look for an email from Cat Wisdom 101 requesting your shipping address.   We missed posting our Vintage Cat Caption Contest last Read More


Mondays With Merlin: A – Z Cat News

  Hello, dear ones,  this Mondays with Merlin is a little different. I’m sharing A – Z cat news. So much has happened and since we’re blogging less often, news piles up.  Pay attention for a secret clue but please don’t email my mom. She’s okay but up to her cat ears doing last minute Read More


Caturday Birthday Wonderland: Cheshire & Wain Giveaway

Update: Our GIVEAWAY has been extended until June 15, 2016 and the winner will be announced on Thursday, June 15, 2016. We’re celebrating Odin and Nou Nou’s birthdays with a Cheshire & Wain Giveaway this Caturday in Wonderland.     Our cats are a little spoiled and only the best will do.  We’re also lucky Read More


Allergic to Cats? NasalGuard Natural Allergy Relief Giveaway

After five years and testing hundreds of cat products, I’m thrilled to share a review about product that helps those allergic to cats. Plus we have a NasalGuard Natural Allergy Relief Giveaway. There is nothing more heartbreaking than having to surrender a cat because of allergies. In my work as a cat adoption advocate and behaviorist, Read More

Memorial Day Meows, Our 5th Blogoversary and more!

Instead of Mondays With Merlin, it’s Memorial Day Meows as we salute our U.S. military for past and present service.    We created new shareable graphics but the beauty of blogging for 5 years, is accruing a massive archive of content including images.   Cat Wisdom 101 is turning 5 this week! What an amazing Read More