Merlin The Cat Finds Rumi and The Meaning Of Life at 21.5

Remember when kids would prize getting older and proudly announce being four and a half or five and a half but then it abruptly ended? Maybe by seven or eight but certainly by the double digits. Then you humans would race towards the cool factor of getting older. Wow, sweet 16, woo, woo, woo 21! Read More


These Black Cats Are Selling What!?

These Black Cats Are Selling What!?Advertising is the art of persuasion and since black cats have always been chic, it makes sense to feature them in hopes of increasing  their low adoption rates. In our effort to reframe or recast black cats in a favorable light, a step in history proves surprising modern.  It’s easy Read More


Funny Vintage Cat Caption Contest Winner

We posted a vintage photo on Facebook as a lark and happy to announce we have our first Funny Vintage Cat Caption Contest Winner. Hat’s off and our congrats to Doc Parker for the clever dog caption. Cats of course will always see themselves as winners, no matter what.   Do you have a witty way Read More


Two 21-Year-Old Cats’ Bucket List

Our theme today at Mondays With Merlin is Two 21 Year Old Cats’ Bucket List.,. I’m excited to share news about another 21-year-old cat. Tigger, a 21-year-old cat with a bucket list who was adopted by an ex-pro cheerleader and marketing coordinator of a vet clinic in Baltimore, Maryland. Tigger has appeared on TV and garnered Read More


Caturday #ASPCA150, Adoptapalooza, Crazy Cat Lover Haircut +

Our Big Caturday NEWS #ASPCA150, Adoptapalooza, Crazy Cat Lover Haircuts and more! On Sunday, April 10th, ASPCA will celebrate its 150th anniversary, and in honor of this important milestone, they are launching 150 Days of Rescue, a nationwide action campaign that seeks to unite the country in making a difference in the lives of homeless Read More


My Cat Had Lyme Disease

My Cat Had Lyme Disease is a timely guest post from cat blogger, Ellen Pilch at 15andmeowing on a subject most cat owners aren’t concerned about but should be, Lyme disease. A few years ago, I asked our vet about Lyme disease since we live in a wooded area rampant with deer and varieties of ticks. No Read More


Cat Reviews Homer: The Ninth Life of a Blind Wonder Cat

I can’t imagine a better book than Homer: The Ninth Life of a Blind Wonder Cat as my swan song. It’s the sequel to Homer’s Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I learned about Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat by the gifted writer and supreme cat mama, Gwen Cooper.


Domino Snowshoe Cat Selfies

We haven’t joined the Sunday cat selfies blog hop in a dog’s age. I thought I’d ask Domino if he’d like to participate. The answer was something like, are you *#^*! kidding me? Later, I found him snoozing on his favorite old chair on the porch and asked again. This is his best James Bond Read More

Kit #adorableadoptable cat

Hoarding 101 Plus Kit a Lucky Hoarder Cat

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost two years when I went deep into hoarder rescue after a horrific local hoarding incident with over 80 cats. Most of the cats were rescued by The New Rochelle Humane Society ( renamed Humane Society of Westchester in 2015). We began a weekly Shelter Volunteer feature and created fun adoption graphics Read More


2016 Global Pet Expo Top 10 Cat Products

2016 Global Pet Expo Top 10 Cat Products Global Pet Expo, in Orlando, Florida is the largest pet industry trade show of its kind. With over 1000 brands exhibiting this year, it’s impossible for one person to visit every booth but I made a good dent in the cat-centric category and clocked a marathon of miles Read More

Aries_cat Black_cat

#AdorableAdoptable Aries Cat

Our Astro Kitty #AdorableAdoptable this month is an Aries Cat and he’s available today for a low adoption fee of $24.00! We’re always connecting with cat lovers everywhere. A recent favorite way is to direct message on Instagram. That’s how I connected with Christine, a volunteer at The Peter Zippi Fund is no-kill, volunteer based cat shelter Read More


What’s Cooking at Global Pet Expo: Top 5 Cat Foods

  What’s Cooking at Global Pet Expo: Top 5 Cat Foods. Find out who made our 2016 Global Top 10 Cat Products List! At the recent Global Pet Expo, I visited hundreds of cat product booths over three jam-packed days. There were actually a record number of 3300 booths but mercifully they included products for dogs, aquatics, Read More