Yee Haw, The Blue Cat Cafe in Austin, Texas Rocks

We’re delighted to have a guest post about The Blue Cat Cafe in Austin by Carine, a blogger who used to live near me in Westchester County, New York.  She moved to Austin, Texas, stopped blogging for awhile and I’m happy she’s blogging once again, or I should say her cat is at Texas, A Parisian Read More


This Year’s Award Season Has Gone to the… Cats

Move Over Oscars, This Year’s Award Season Has Gone to the… Cats The Meow Mix Acatemy has voted and the results are in: The winner of the 2015 Internet is… Cats. From Reddit posts to Buzzfeed lists, it’s im-paw-sible to scroll through your news feed without a cat pouncing its way into your heart. Move over, Robert Meowny, Jr., Jenni-purr Aniston Read More


We Could Be David Bowie Cat Heroes

  We Could Be David Bowie’s Cat Heroes is my theme for Mondays With Merlin as we pay tribute to David Bowie and share a few, little known facts about him. I was first introduced to Bowie’s music when Layla adopted me as a young cat in 1995. When we heard David Bowie died at Read More


Moving Cat Adventure Stories of 2015

On Instagram, I’ve fallen under the spell of the moving cat photos of Burma The Adventure Cat and at @adventurecatsorg a group dedicated to photos of cats who love adventure and hiking with their humans. It turns out, humans it seems aren’t the only ones with wanderlust. There are plenty of other animals who like to roam, either out Read More


2016 Pet Calendar of Holidays Every Cat Lover Needs To Know

We like to plan our editorial calendar well in advance and find it handy knowing about cat-related causes and pet holidays. It seems like there is a pet-related holiday every day but we can’t celebrate everything. Our cats might differ and say every day with cats is a reason to celebrate. This is our curated 2016 Read More


Look Who Adopted Marco the Rescued Hoarder Cat

Sometimes all good things come to those who wait. Marco, a cat we’d featured multiple times, finally got adopted. The handsome tuxedo boy rescued from a horrific hoarding incident near me in May 2014, adjusted to shelter life easily. Everyone thought he’d be adopted quickly including my friend and fellow volunteer Leslie who fell madly Read More


Cats, Souls and Shamans

Can you believe it’s Monday again, and I’m here to share about cats, souls and shamans.  That would be me, Merlin of the feline persuasion, age 21 years, 3 months and 1 week but who is counting? Not me. I take it moment by moment and boy there were some moments last week I’d rather Read More


The Art of Feline Funnies 1869 or 1969

The deeper the Internet archives, the longer our love affair with cats grows. For our Friday Finds and Feline Funnies, we have two fab examples of vintage cat art. CAT CRUISE NEWS: Look for news coming soon about the curated cat art exhibit at our Cat Film Fest at Sea. Our cat arts and culture cruise is Read More