Blessings of the animals

Sweet Rosh Hashanah Feline Blessings

Well hello there, it’s me Merlin still here for another week.  You’d think it would make Layla happy but she’s feeling melancholy.  Maybe it’s the first inklings of autumn or the visit yesterday to the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery for the annual blessing of the animals. She brought photos of all of us to be blessed […]

global map endangered bees and pesticide use

Manuka Honey Health Benefits For Cats

I rediscovered the joys of manuka honey recently for health reasons, mine and for cats. My cholesterol and glucose levels are high and apparently one, rare kind honey helps. Sweet! I was curious to try it on Merlin’s gums for his chronic periodontal issues. A swab twice a day can’t hurt and can help so […]

Hammock time cat love

Old Siamese On Hammock Dreams Of Love

It’s a special Labor Day edition of Mondays with Merlin.  My favorite meezer is Nellie, an old, blind Siamese (like me!) and we won her “finish the sentence” contest. Check out her blog The Cats From Hell She shares the blog with two other cats and a dog in Canada but really gets around. I don’t think […]

fat Cat Art book giveaway

Fat Cat Art Book Review and Giveaway

Giveaway winner news.  Congrat to the winner of our ASPCA disaster preparedness gift pack ( pet safety pack, blanket and umbrella) is Sue. I remember the first time I saw a big, fat cat posing with the Mona Lisa and laughed, wishing I’d thought of that brilliant meme and it’s a book to be released […]

Punchy old black feral cat

Feline Lovers’ To Find Happy New Horizons

Our one-eyed Odin isn’t going swimming but hey, feline lovers, Cat Wisdom 101 is sailing towards a new direction. It’s the biggest, scariest thing I’ve ever attempted but that’s why I feel the need to stretch out of my comfort zone.  Over the next few weeks there will be more clues until the big reveal, […]

cat-merlin-autumn leaves

See You in September, Cat Lovers

    Blink and it’s over. Maybe not summer but August is hanging by a cat’s whisker. There’s a melancholy mood under the heat wave and as a cat who has seen 20 summers, I’d like to share my annual end of summer song, “See You in September”. It sets a nostalgic tone for us […]

Punchy old black feral cat

Caturday Cat Pop Culture Goes Frothy

Happy Caturday cat lover friends! Cat pop culture goes frothy today. If you like to start your day with a coffee, these catty coffee creations will wake you up with wow! A friend in Australia told me it’s all the rage to compete in more and more sophisticated latte artistry. The hyper-realistic designs showed up […]