nou nou cat grumpy cat selfies

Selfie Sundays With Nou Nou and Grumpy Cat

It’s time for another Sunday Selfies blog hop. We realized our forever foster gal Nou Nou hasn’t shown her face lately. She’s fine except for hairballs. Thankfully she’s letting me do some more grooming and brushing but she’s a skittish one. She’s very single-minded and her worst nightmare would be fame like Grumpy Cat. Cameras, […]

Corduroy-world's oldest cat-maine coon-

World’s Oldest, Longest and Shortest Cats +

The Guinness Book of World Records has a special feline edition video. I couldn’t help but notice the one thing all these cats share in common. Scroll to the end for my observation and to view the video of some exceptional cats. While not an official world-breaking record yet, I’d love it to be. Today […]

Kit #adorableadoptable cat

Will Three Times Be The Charm For #AdorableAdoptable Cat Kit?

Chances are if you have a cat, you have photos of them on you phone. Perhaps, like me you have framed photos of them in your home. There’s one #AdorableAdoptable cat who has never enjoyed being loved in that way but she deserves it. Her name for now is Kit. Over a year ago, I […]

Merlin cat quote smile

Mondays With Merlin: Cats Smile For Sugar The Dog

It’s Merlin here for an extra sweet Monday. You want to know who likes dogs? I do. Just because we don’t have any chez Cat Wisdom 101, doesn’t mean we don’t like them. I’ve always been friendly to dogs especially in my younger days. When we lived in Canada, there was a black lab I […]

World Cat Day- International

World Cat Day, Matilda’s Birthday Bash & How Cats Took Over The Internet Museum Exhibit

Every day should be about celebrating cats, but today, August 8, is officially World Cat Day aka National Cat Day or International Cat Day. Whatever you choose to call it, let’s celebrate everything we love about cats. We all know cats have taken over the Internet and now there is a museum exhibit to prove […]

vet 101-cat food guide

Vet101: Guide to Choosing Cat Food and Avoid Food Poisoning

Our regular Vet 101 contributor veterinarian, Dr. Letrisa Miller shares her tips on choosing the best cat food and how to avoid food poisoning. It turns out, there is much more to know than reading a label. Dr. Miller has a feline-only practice in Manchester Conn. Vet 101: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Cat Food […]

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Creative, Curious Cat Lovers #InspiredbyCrafted

This post is sponsored by Hill’s. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s® Ideal Balance® CRAFTED, but Cat Wisdom 101 only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article. Curiosity did not kill the cat but not […]

cats quote acceptance

Mondays With Merlin: Teaching Old (Dogs) Or Cats New Tricks

It’s your friendly neighborhood old meezer, Merlin with a not so fabulous photo quote because of Layla. It’s true I accept life as it is but she could have put effort into it but no. She was fascinated by a wedding party being photographed in her favorite haunt, the Persian gardens and blogged about at […]