Meow Madness Video

Oh noes, it’s Friday already. Where did the week go? We’ve worked hard, played hard and ran out of time. This video of Merlin and dear departed Coco (with a little help from Beethoven), will have to do for Feline Friday Funnies.

Have a fabulous Friday!


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14 Comments on “Meow Madness Video
  1. That was so sweet! Skeeter has a solid catnip ball that he loves!!! Izzy doesn’t care a whit about the nip.
    Happy Fridayz to allz…luvs Skeeter(aka Nipcat) and Izzy (aka teetotaler cat) >^%^< those crazy nippy cat eyes

  2. awww !!! soo dear to see the two of them together. They got very affectionate. The music and the captions must made my day!

    Mao always starts licking Cheddar, then beats up Cheddar. The good news is that after two years of tummy rubs, Cheddar has really stopped chewing his fur — his psychological problem caused by his bro attacking him.

    • Or Reefer Madness of the ’30s! I’ve resisted posting videos but thought it’s time to ease into another medium with this blast from the past.

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