Cat Consulting

Cat Consulting and coaching by holistic cat behaviorist and life coach Layla Morgan Wilde

“Insights to happier lives, one purr at a time.”

Cats are my passion! My specialty is providing insights into how you and your cat can live happier lives. All issues from pet care 101, adjusting to moves, new pets, family members, aggression, litter box issues to depression and grief counseling. Other services include: Reiki, numerology name consults or changes, tarot and feng shui consults.

Cats may appear to be silent, mysterious sphinxes but they are communicating all the time. I’ll share what your cat is communicating and teach you how to speak their language.

Layla Morgan Wilde-holistic cat behaviorist

Layla Morgan Wilde-holistic cat behaviorist

All coaching or holistic cat consulting is tailored the individual person or cat. Most feline behavioral issues often mirror their human’s issues. The most effective outcome is from an integrated approach of the cat, their caretakers and their environment. All issues are handled with deep respect for client whether they have two legs or four. Cats are spiritual teachers that can guide you on a journey of profound self-growth.

Find out if our services are for you with a complimentary 15 minute mini-consult. Email Layla at

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Initial session is 90+ minutes – $200.00. Follow-up sessions are 45 minutes – $100.00. Mini-consults are 20 minutes- $50.00. Payments are made in advance of each scheduled session. You may use Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover PayPal.

Layla Morgan Wilde- cat behaviorist


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