Catnip Cake & Caviar

It’s Merlin here. Damn, the weeks are going by fast. We hope you stop by tomorrow for catnip cake & caviar. Yes, we’re having a surprise birthday party for Domino. There will be nom noms and prizes. I’m checking out the garden but oh no, we’re not ready!

Merlin-outdoors-cat- cat wisdom 101-siamese

Thank goodness Gris Gris is around to share his wisdom. “Relax, Merlin, it will all get done. All of life’s mysteries lie in the moment between breathing in and breathing out.” Even Odin has words of wisdom…

Thank-you mother earth-cat prayer-cat wisdom 101


on “Catnip Cake & Caviar
13 Comments on “Catnip Cake & Caviar
  1. WOOOOHOOOO its almost PAWTY time!!!!
    The quote is wonderful…Gris Gris has the poets soul.
    Happy Happy Birthday Domino!!!!!!!
    Giantic Purrs and Luvs Skeeter and Izzy >^pp^< pawty eyes!!!

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