Cat Comments on Connection Versus Communication

Today on Monday’s with Merlin, I’d like to show how cats have been the butt of communication humor “then”…


and “Now”…

connection-communication-cell phone-cat-humor-quote-catnip

Technology might change but communication isn’t always about connection and connection isn’t always about communication. I hate telelphones. They keep me from connecting with my mom, Layla. Just the other day, I’m patiently waiting for my mom to sit with me or should I say, sit on her when the phone rings by her desk. So she’s yakking away, I know I know, it’s how she makes her living but still…blah blah blah and I let her know enough already and communicated Siamese style. It’s a very clear and direct method that works well for me. The person she’s talking to says, “Do you have a baby?”

“Oh, that’s Merlin, my cat.”

Can you imagine? The nerve of both of them. Yes, I sound like a human baby but so what? I am her baby. Sheesh, humans have so much to learn about communication. Goodness knows I try.  And about that Peking duck, make mine a double.

What’s your cat’s best method of communication?


on “Cat Comments on Connection Versus Communication
21 Comments on “Cat Comments on Connection Versus Communication
  1. Me, Dexter and Tipp we don’t talk too much (Tipp only squeaks) so when we want the Mommas attention, we “get in her face”! We climb up on her, I make biscuts sometimes and we just settle in in a way she can’t ignore.
    Now Harry, when he wants the daddy to make stinky goodness dinner, he meows non-stop and paws at the daddy’s (pardon my french) butt until he gives it up! I like his style, cause I always get a bowl too!

  2. Love the vintage! My fur babies hate it when I pick up the phone! They all
    jump in my lap and talk and try to knock it out of my hands. (Maybe thats why my last 2 phones went haywire). They really sound mad at the phone. Had someone ask me
    what that horrible noise was! I just laughed and Penny was happy for the attention.
    I think my new baby crew is part Siamese!!!

  3. As the strong male cat I’m pretty quiet and talk to Mom with my tail a lot…she gets lots of tail hugs. My sis-fur Izzy on the other hand is very sassy talking and the looks she can give ….look out they’ll burn you to ashes in no time! Luvs and mews of happiness Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  4. merlin………………..NOEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    ewe due KNOT….ree peete…KNOT want BURD…oh any kind….trust uz…call de pizza take out ore order sum fortchoon cookies with beef ore pork egg rolls, tell de deli ta dee liver sum ham on rye; ore better yet still tell yur momz ta get off de phone N cook ewe sum pork chops….

    just dont eat BURD…


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