Carpe Diem

Cats live in the moment and have no need for Latin sayings like…

carpe diem-funny-cat-quote
Odin, seen here with the focus of a Zen monk may not be educated or know Latin, but his big brother Merlin is there to educate him.


Okay, now back to what’s really important in the moment:napping

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on “Carpe Diem
17 Comments on “Carpe Diem
  1. Well, well! Hi, there and thanks so much for visiting our blog on National Cat Day. I think it’s the perfect day to introduce ourselves. By the way, wanted you to know I looove to hear confessions from people/cats not Catholic. Such imaginative sinning (I think they just want to hear a cat gasp)!

    Me, being a priest, should know my Latin and yes, carpe diem does have to do with fish-“Fish of the Day,” don’tcha know.

    Hugs to Merlin and Odin (Merlin looks like a no-nonsense teacher)
    Tom & Julie

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