Wet, Wild Kitty Caption Contest

Who wants a day at the beach? We haven’t gotten any further than the garden hammock this year and itching for sun sand and surf.  If you can’t get away, we have a wet and wild Kitty Caption Contest. Vintage style, naturally. But first, we’d like to invite you to join us for a little Read More


Calling All Black Cats

Calling All Black Cats and their owners/slaves/personal assistants. We have good news and better news. Yesterday we launched our new Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to publish Black Cats Tell All and met our goal within 12 hours. Bloggers live online a great deal and I sometimes forget not everyone does. Just yesterday, I learned, Read More


Feline Mona Lisa: Queen of Cups Tarot Compassion

Full moon wishes and Mona Lisa smiles dear ones. It’s me, Merlin and another full moon look at tarot insights with the Queen of Cups. We’re still in the watery, moon-ruled sign of Cancer, the 4th sign of the zodiac. In the tarot, there are four queens, one for each suit: cups correspond to Water, Read More


Black Cats Tell All: Plan B includes #btC4a

Black Cats Tell All: Plan B includes  Blog the Change for Animals, a quarterly event where bloggers come together to share ideas and organizations with the purpose of being the change for animals. There are endless ways humans can help animals from doing TNR, volunteering at a shelter or advocating for a cause. I’ve been involved Read More


Camp CATastrophe: Cat Caption Contest

Lots of kids are away at camp but we have Camp CATastrophe: Cat Caption Contest and a video that almost beats campfire smores. For your mid-week amusement we’re sharing a funny video from FurBall Fables with 52 black cats. Chase Holiday makes funny, quirky cat videos and is the epitome of what it means to be Read More

merlin-magical-cat-cat wisdom 101-art

Merlin The Cat Magician Tarot Magic Monday

Ready for some magic? It’s The Cat Magician Tarot Magic Monday with me, Merlin. Our tarot insight for the week is The Magician and you can learn how to harness some special mojo. This is a long post but worth one session with a high-priced shrink. Do you feel like you swallowed a bottle of Read More

black kitten lady love

Whole Lotta Black Kitten Lady Love

Happy Feline Friday! Today is all about a Whole Lotta Black Kitten Lady Love. I’m swimming in the most glorious, furry pile of black cats, in love with their photos and stories. So many, I’m seeing double. I want to share them all but I can’t. Just as I want to save all the black Read More


Catch of the Day: Cat Caption Contest

Here’s come the bride and the winner of last week’s cat caption contest is a duo. We’ve abbreviated two captions.  A Siamese beau with cold feet is trying to convince his girlfriend about the woes of marriage. The classic and winning caption by Janet is: “See, always a bridesmaid, never a bride isn’t so bad.” Read More

4th of July black cat

Feline Tarot, July 4th Life, Liberty and the Purrsuit of Lunacy

Feline Tarot, July 4th Life, Liberty and the Purrsuit of Lunacy Oh, my stars, it’s yours truly, Merlin back for a new week, a new moon and lots of us will be gazing at the sky tonight. Perhaps enjoying fireworks, a crackle of bonfire or burgers on the grill. The new moon is the best Read More

Domino-cat-4th of July-stars and stripes cat

July 4th Infographic For Cat Lovers Saves Lives

Happy July 4th weekend dear cat lovers. We know you have better things to do than read blog posts, so we’re sharing a quick and easy July 4th infographic courtesy of the American Association of Feline Practitioners  Maybe one tip you may have forgotten about might save a life. Share to any people, pages or Read More


Meet Tina Fey, Harry Potter Plus Other Extraordinary Black Cats

It started harmlessly enough, a graphic requesting cat pics to be featured.  I never expected to meet Tina Fey or Harry Potter plus other extraordinary black cats. With so many fabulous felines, watch for another feature here next week. I wasn’t sure what the response would be so I on posted on our Facebook page, Read More

Tarot Wisdom

Feline Tarot Wisdom: Hang On Or Let Go

Mondays With Merlin and Feline Tarot Wisdom. You asked for it, so here I am, Merlin, dishing out a dollop of Feline Tarot Wisdom with a dash of sass. If the shoe fits, you’re welcome and if it doesn’t, it may fit later this week. This week’s tarot card #12 is The Hanged Man which looks Read More