A Time For Love: Giveaway Contest

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Odin always has time for love since he met the love of his life, Mystery Miss. It was unusually balmy yesterday and guess who showed up?

valentine-quote-keep your eye on the prizeMystery Miss!

valentine cats-odin-mystery miss
If you don’t want late for love, you’ll want to enter our Hello Kitty Contest. We’re holding a giveaway of our favorite Hello Kitty watch. We wear an identical one. It has a genuine leather strap and bezel set crystals. The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day. It’s easy to enter. Just leave a comment any time between Feb. 7 and midnight Feb. 14. For extra chances to win: like this post and share on Facebook, Tweet it , Google+. Winner announced on Feb.14, 2012. Don’t miss any of our regular giveaways, subscribe to Cat Wisdom 101.

hello kitty-watch-leather strapTime is ticking for the Readers Choice Award nominations from About.com. Only seven days left to nominate us for a Best Cat Website award. The nomination form is here Thank-you for loving cats!

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62 thoughts on “A Time For Love: Giveaway Contest

  1. Emma's Daddy says:

    Hello Kitty is right for any occasion! Even James Bond could wear a Hello Kitty watch, but with a few special features…

  2. Kathy Thompson says:

    Love Hello Kitty almost as much as I love Garfield!
    I knew all along that Odin would win our fair lady’s heart….really,who could resist such a mysterious and handsome guy?
    Purrs and Kitty Kisses
    Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  3. Yeay for Mystery Miss… I imagine Odin saying this to MM: “Hello, Kitty. Surely, that’s your name? Kitty?” Well, if you’re mailing to Malaysia, we’d like to be entered. Mama will treasure it, just like her Hello Kitty credit card. har har har *evil laughs*

  4. Donna Bell says:

    would love to have a hello kitty watch to wear to work to promote the rescuing of cats/kitties which I love to foster!!!

  5. Sheila K. says:

    My extremely ferocious king of the jungle, A.K.A. Joey, would love to see his mama (me) win this on her (my) Valentine’s Day birthday!

  6. Melissa says:

    <3 Hello Kitty! Watch is so adorable!
    Go Odin!! :)
    I have a friend who saved a dumpster kitty who ended up losing an eye because of infection and named him Odin! He was all black & very handsome as well! :)

  7. alicia says:

    This is like watching a kitty soap opera – Days of Our Lives with Cat Wisdom101 because love is universal i’m tuning in from England and I can imagine you have people tuning in from all over the world! And just in time for a big Valentines Day episode. Love it :). Hmmm so is Oden shopping or buying. Is this a fling or true love – only time will tell! – Speaking of time he he LOVE the Hello Kitty watches – great contest Layla!

  8. Aha!!!! She returned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY for Odin!!! Go get her Tiger!!!

    I am soooo happy that our subscription is BACK!! I actually received this via email today! :)

    You don’t have to enter me in the contest though, DON’T HATE ME…but I don’t like “Hello Kitty”…..it is way too sweet for my curmudgeonly personality :) Good luck to all of the NICE people who enter though! xoxoxo

  9. I hope the mystery of MM will be solved before too long? lol Though it could be that the gloss will wear off for Odin once all is revealed!

    I love Hello Kitty. I have a camera case with the logo on :))

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