47 Remarkable Animal Friendships

We all need friends, but the new New York Times best seller Unlikely Friendships: 47 Remarkable Stories from The Animal Kingdom takes friendship to new heights. Charmingly compiled and written by National Geographic writer Jennifer Holland failed to woo Ling Ling into an inter-species friendship but…

cat-bird-interspecies-humornever mind, I was enchanted.  Cats and rats? Yes. Cats and iguanas? Why not? These uncommon pairings have comfort, caring and understanding in common. Love knows no bounds. There is a related Tumblr page with more photos of interspecies friendships. http://unlikelyfriendshipsbook.tumblr.com/

book -unlikely friendshipsHere’s peek inside…

unlikely friendshipsUnlikely Friendships. Workman Publishing 2011. 160 pages.

Rating: 4 Paws

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