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The Road of Life With Merlin

It’s another Mondays with Merlin. That would be me, the head honcho in these parts. You may not be able to teach and old dog new tricks, but sometimes, you can teach an old cat new wisdom. There I was trudging forward with Gris Gris at my heels, hellbent on getting to my goal, the Read More


A Dog’s Purpose

Let’s make one thing clear. We are 100% cat-centric here but we loved this book by W. Bruce Cameron. Well, the humans did. Odin had another opinion. Never mind him. He’s a cat. To be frank, I didn’t expect to like this N.Y Times best-selling book as much as I did. It’s all about a Read More

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Every Day is Cat Saturday

It’s settled: I’m coming back as a pampered cat in my next life. Everything revolves around my fur gang directly or indirectly and they don’t have to lift a paw. Their advice to me? If only it were that easy. How can I when their friends want to know what’s going on? Until cats get Read More

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Friday Feline Fun

We’re all tuckered out from a long week of work and play. How about you? We have fun every day but today we’re extra happy to announce the winner of the Calming Collar giveaway is Hope you have a super-duper relaxed weekend. See you tomorrow for Cat Saturday and find out who did what Read More

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Vet Visits Made Easy

Every Thursday, our resident cat expert and our vet, Dr. Richard Goldstein answers reader’s questions in Q & A. If you have a question please sent it to My cat Merlin has had a number of vets over the past sixteen years. Whenever possible he’s prefers a vet who makes house calls. He Read More

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Unplug Pray Purr

Everywhere I go online, there are heartbreaking stories and images of cats and other animals in dire need of help. I do what I can, but the need is so deep and constant, I feel helpless these days. It’s coupled with social media network fatigue. When I feel that way, I unplug and pray, go Read More

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The CatBird Seat

Odin, here and I have no guilt or remorse about killing that bird (see Saturday’s post). I felt proud and higher than snorting a kilo of catnip. Being a Gemini, I have two sides. My mom calls them angel/devil because I’m either sleeping like an angel or being naughty. Sometimes, I surprise her by behaving Read More