Cat Ladies_birthday

Gris Gris’s Profile

          Gris Gris (formerly known as Shadow) AKA “The Alchemist”. Male, feline Breed: Wannabee Russian Blue Age: 14 years young Born: Bronx, New York Weight: 6 pounds. Good things come in small packages Sign: Virgo Occupation: Chief Imagineer and Escape Artist Interests: Hunting and fishing, shapeshifting, jogging, napping with Merlin, dark Read More

Cat Ladies_birthday

Odin’s Profile

          Odin the One-Eyed Cat aka Odie Winker Male: neutered Breed: gray/white short hair tabby Birthday: June 1, 2010. Born: Bronx, N.Y. Weight: 12 pounds of pure muscle Sign: Gemini. Occupation: CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) and official cat product tester at Cat Wisdom 101 Religion: Jewish (does not keep Kosher) Interests: Read More

Cat Ladies_birthday

Domino’s Profile

            Domino AKA “The Refrigerator ” Male, feral feline who lives on the porch. Breed: Tan, brown and white short hair with blue eyes. Age: 8 years. Born: Westchester County N.Y. Weight: 20+ large and in charge pounds. Occupation: Chief of security/vermin exterminator/Muse. Interests: Eating, securing property from interlopers, wrestling Read More

Cat Ladies_birthday

Layla Morgan Wilde – Profile

          Layla Morgan Wilde Age: baby boomer. Born: Montreal, Canada. Sign: Leo. Occupation: Editor-in-Chief of Cat Wisdom 101 and The Boomer Muse, intuitive life coach for people and pets at I love and understand cats deeply. I am the founder of The Annex Cat Rescue Interests: Cats, writing, photography, Read More


Merlin’s Profile

Merlin AKA “The Magician”. Male feline. Breed: Purebred blue point/lynx point Siamese Age: 18 on October 2, 2012 Born: Toronto, Canada Weight: 6 lbs Sign: Libra Occupation: Chairman of the Board and Professor Emeritus of Cat Wisdom 101 Interests: Power-napping, singing opera, Zen poetry, snuggling Dislikes: travel by trains, planes or automobiles, digital devices. Favorite Read More